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My son is not spoiled

Small Talk Six: “6 ways you indulge or spoil your children.”
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Here's a little case background: Growing up I was as disciplined by my mother as I was spoiled by my father. When I became a mom I chose to employ my mother's parenting style until divorce entered the scene. Full child custody has a price. With caregiving and developmental issues I ended up shuttling my son between 2 countries 5 times in less than 6 years. Through guilt and panic I struggle to make up for my sins >>>

1. There's this rule I set for myself to follow a certain budget each month for all his expenses and NOT to buy anything beyond the budget. But when he suddenly wants a new bike, I break my own rule.

2. It's usually during overseas trips that I indulge him the most. On a cruise in Hong Kong recently, I let him goof with my mini-tiara and play with my diamond ring eventhough I am aware of his penchant for throwing things when bored and he could toss those accessories out the yacht any minute.

3. Echoing no. 1, I buy him a toy I don't expect to buy. At a Victoria Peak shop he spotted a clone of the Ultraman doll he was carrying in his left hand and demanded to have the clone. I gave in to prevent a simmering tantrum.

4. Being a picky eater, sky becomes the limit when there's something he particularly fancies. As he would rather starve than eat what he doesn't like, and I am a lousy cook, I take him to restaurants regularly and let him be the boss over the menu.

5. He dominates my computer; draws monkeys on my research printouts. I close my eyes to work that is put on hold.

6. I let him resist shower, toothbrushing and bedtime longer than I should because I don't have time to argue and heck I need to go to work.

See, he isn't spoiled. God I got homework.


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Happy Saturday, friends!


Katie said…
Stopping by from MomDots Small Talk Six...LOL you made me Laugh out Loud!
Hazel said…
Hi Katie, perhaps guilt sometimes makes one funny :D
Mama Zen said…
That joke about the calendar is hilarious!
Hazel said…
Mama Zen, is it not! lol
Unknown said…
OMG, Hazel..I never thought of that...think the fever just fried my brain too.LOL

I hope your son will be well soon.
Jasmine has Nephrotic Syndrome which is a kidney disorder. She had it when she was 18 months then was having a remission for 10 years. So, MIRACLE does happen. It is tough on all of us but accepting the situation makes it easier and more comforting.

I am sure YOU and CJ will be just fine...remember you are never alone?

take care of you?

my prayers and hugs
Unknown said…
my youngest has a tshirt that says

"I am not a spoiled brat,
just well taken care of."

and she wears it so proudly too.LOL

Hazel said…
Hi Shakira, so sorry about your daughter but I'm glad there are miracles. Stay strong. Now I see how "You Are Never Alone" is so apt :)

I wonder if that shirt your youngest owns is sold somewhere here. It would fit CJ perfectly :) These shirt manufacturers just know where to hit parents ... lol

Thanks for the visit, Muah!
Tena said…
the things we moms will do just to keep the peace at time! Great ( and funny) list!

Stopping by from momdot
Katie said…
my daughter is also addicted to our computer and pretty things!
Momma Chick said…
Mine dominates my phone and I always use her as excuses to put off housework. Why clean when you can play?
Anonymous said…
I think CJ is one of the luckiest little one's around. I say bending rules is norm. That's why rules are in place. To bend and break them if you ask me. Makes life much more interesting that way. But when they are broken there is always the time when you need to follow them and discipline as well. Hard balance. Shoot I'd be at a restaurant every day as well. I'm a lousy cook as well. Get hives in the kitchen LOL. Love the joke. I can't believe I've never seen or thought of that before. Too funny :) Have a great weekend :)
Hazel said…
Hi Tena, isn't it amazing and sometimes downright crazy? lol

Hi Katie, guess most kids are nowadays. And she's addicted to pretty things? I want a daughter like that!

Hi Butterfly, I agree :)
Hazel said…
Hi Thom, I agree it's a hard balance. I take it one day at a time :) and the joke, I thot it's old news to you... lol!
Ebie said…
I have to laugh about the days of the week, did not realize that!

Of course, CJ deserves the best, being the only kid! I did anything for my kid, too. hehehehe mantinir lang ta ug no name brands, unya ilaha levis, heheheh!
Hazel said…
Ate Eb, neither did I... korek jud ang mga brands. pag abot ni cj straight - straight na akong ka mantinir lol!

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