Thursday, 28 April 2011

Under the greenwood tree

If you like period films you must have seen most if not all of these titles. I am fond of such films but this list consists of what I haven't watched; except nos. 4 and 12:

1. Love on the Land  post civil war America
2. Versailles: The Dream of a King  Versailles, Europe's most splendid palace
3. Bleak House  mid 19th century England about British judiciary system
4. Under the Green Wood Tree  rural town life in the mid 19th century England
5. The Buccaneers  four American girls in London searching for husbands
6. Upstairs, Downstairs  servants and masters in Edwardian London
7. Angel  Edwardian Cheshire about an eccentric British writer
8. A Month in the Country  1920s rural Yorkshire
9. Circle of Friends  1950s Ireland
10.True Women saga of love, war and adventure; Texas Revolution thru the Civil War
11. Sally Hemings: An American Scandal  Thomas Jefferson and his slave mistress
12. From time to time  ghost story spanning two worlds two centuries apart
13. Glorious 39  set around a British family on the eve of WW II

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011



An aircraft takes off and she's not in it
the clock ticks as she heads back for the exit
Christmas is nigh
and alone she passes by
Just in time for the orchid to sigh.

Suvarnabhumi (Thailand international airport), almost midnight, December 24th 2010. I sent off friends who flew home for Christmas.
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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gitik sa gabie

There's a brief introduction about Pictures of Life (Hulagway sa Kinabuhi) on my sidebar just above the Bisdak links. An English version of this post is available below for friends & visitors who do not read Bisaya; and well, for fun in bi-lingual exercise as well.

G para Gitik sa Gabie
Gabie na di pa matulog akong mga anak. Gusto magdula bisag gihipos na ilang mga dulaan. Di madalag estorya. Di pud ko ganahan magyawyaw so gi gitik ko nalang. Kanang gamay gyud ang pwerhisyo kaayo patulogon. Maldito pa, mokalit lag shagit kung di mahatag iyang gusto. Karon taud-taud mo tambling na nang duha. Sapoton ang katabang sa ilang kalaki, KUK!

Ang ubang entre sama ani tua sa Bisdak Bloggers.

Tickle in the Night (Gitik sa Gabie)

It's late and my boys refuse to go to bed. They still want to play although I have tidied up their toys. They never listen no matter how much I beg them to sleep. The little guy especially is so difficult to send to bed. Deprive him of anything he wants and he'll scream like he is in terrible pain. I don't want to launch a drama so I tickle them. By and by they will turn this part of the house into shambles and annoy the house help.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Beauty and power

Music Monday: Light and Shade, Fra Lippo Lippi
Monday Mayhem follows

... of words, music and images are what I am happy to share today. Fra Lippo Lippi is popular in my home country (Philippines). Thanks to people who put together media like this for all of us to enjoy.

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Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop
Q1. What brand/flavor of chewing gum would you recommend to the rest of us?
Dentyne Ice Midnight Mint. Guaranteed to funnel chili oxygen to your nostril. If you don't want your tongue convulsing in strong mint, stay away from it. (But it's my favorite)

Q2. What brand/flavor of beverage would you recommend to the rest of us?
Water from a mountain spring. I never drank anything like that from the shelves. But I have from a real mountain which took 8 hours to reach the peak. Just missing those days.

Q3. Describe the perfect steak (vegetarian's can describe the perfect tofu or whatever). Beef that gratifies the palate and doesn't break the wallet

This video is a heart warmer. Watch.

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Four freakin things

Today we ripped off a blogger named Mejis from the blog Southern Discomfort. She explains the she was tagged for the meme from Miss Angie over at My So-Called Chaos. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Cheers to all us thieves!

Four Places I go:
1. book & antique shops 
2. museums & art galleries
3. farms & gardens
4. restaurants & tea rooms

Four Crushes I Have:
1. Seth Grahame Smith
2. Robert Langdon
3. Don Henley
4. Vin Diesel

Four Smells that I Love:
1.  the earth after a storm
2.  rare book section of libraries
3.  home-cooked meals
4.  lavender night body lotion

Four Favorite TV Shows:
1. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
2. The Adventures of Sherlocke Holmes
3. Antiques Roadshow
4. that one-time interview of Bongbong Marcos by Kris Aquino

Four Favorite Movies:
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Ladies in Lavender
3. Dead Poets Society
4. Good Will Hunting

Four Recommendations:
1. Explore
2. The world does not stop for your grief so stop worrying.
3. Celebrate life
4. Peace out

Four People that I'd love to read their Fours:
1. Bud
2. Thom
3. Harriet
4. Hootin Anni

Four Things about me that you don't know:
1. my part-time job
2. my other part-time job
3. the insane novel I am writing
4. things in my bucket list

Four bands that I love:
1. Eagles
2. Bon Jovi
3. Aerosmith
4. Queen

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Never let me go

Never Let Me Go
  Kazuo Ishiguro
- a novel I am reading for a book club meeting I am attending on the last week of this month. Being 'pop sci-fi thriller' it's not what I normally read but exploring new nooks of genre is nifty. 

Characters of this novel (2005) are children raised in a boarding school in East Sussex, England as clones intended to provide organs for non-clones. A film adaptation of the same title was released in 2010.

Never Let Me Go
Hazel, Delineating Des
Baby, never let me go
Kathy sings as she hugs her pillow
Madame watches her and cries
Kathy later asks her why
And Madame replies:
because I see this little girl
A new world she is facing
An efficient but cruel world
But it is emerging
Never let me go
To the old world
The little girl is asking.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


There's a brief introduction about Pictures of Life (Hulagway sa Kinabuhi) on my sidebar just above the Bisdak links. An English version of this post is available below for friends & visitors who do not read Bisaya; and well, for fun in linguistic exercise as well.

E as in Eskina
Gusto ko moguwa kay naa koy buhaton sa banko pero pagdungaw ko pa sa porch kahilakon man ang langit. Mokober pa gyud ko rog taga Business Administration department nga absent busa puyo. Magtangla nalang tingale kos eskina hangtud mahuman ning diskarte sa lecture hall. Traynta minutos nalang sulod nako. Kada adlaw ko ni malabyan nga eskina.

Ang ubang entre sama ani tua sa Bisdak Bloggers.

Corner (Eskina)
I wanted to leave the campus for a bank errand but when I gazed out the porch I was greeted by gloomy skies. A colleague from the Business Administration department is absent today and it's just my luck to be chosen to cover for him, so I have to stay put for two periods :(  In thirty minutes I'm getting into the lecture hall. When this is done and I breeze out, I'm seeing this corner again. In fact I pass by the same spot everyday. 

Songkran in Huahin

Thailand has just concluded Songkran (traditional Thai New Year), which is celebrated on April 13-15.  The festival has many fun features, most significant of all is water.  People are out on the streets getting drenched, dancing, eating, greeting each other a happy new year. This is a scene in Huahin last week. Hilton Hotel is behind that old house which is actually a bar. Behind it is Hard Rock Cafe, and the opposite side are an assortment of shops and restaurants.  White foreigners participate in this event too as you can see.  They have as much fun as the locals.

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Monday, 11 April 2011

While I'm alive

Music Monday: It's My Life
Monday Mayhem follows

A friend celebrated an approaching change on her civil status Saturday night. When documents are sorted she will be officially single again. "Better get on with it," I thought. Down at Hard Rock I noticed for the first time a reference to Sinatra on Bon Jovi's It's My Life. I never really paid attention to this hit until I admitted I did relate with the message coming off the lyrics. My two left feet were exploiting the dance floor when this was played.

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Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop
Q.1- Why does it seem that every TV station goes to commercial at the same time- when you are checking to see what's on the other channel? Financiers probably want it that way - commercials get about the same amount of exposure at similar times from viewers

Q.2- Should we spend all of our million dollar win right now or save it for a rainy day which may never happen? We should enjoy the money and at the same time set some aside for the rainy day which will most probably happen when you least expect it

Q.3- Is it really funny when people send in videos to TV shows of themselves getting hurt in order to win the TV shows funniest video award? Are these videos even funny to you? No. Getting hurt is no justification for a video award. It's not funny to me. It is sad.

Now. When I'm old I'd like to be as calm as this grandpa in the face of silliness. If I could pull this off I'd laugh my way back to my rocking chair.

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Chikuyoh Yakiniku

You know what happens when you live in a normally boiling hot city and it suddenly turns cold? Instead of staying where you are you wander... Half an hour into looking around your empty stomach growls and you remedy it with a cup of coffee -

And then you become curious what's on the other pages of the menu. 

Ok, that's my routine, sort of. A month ago this was what I experimented on: Chikuyoh Yakiniku @ Yagura Chaya Fumi. Loved it!

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

World's richest royals

Sent via email from Forbes, I didn't pay attention to this list until probably last week when I was at the Stock Exchange of Thailand to attend a classical concert for Japan. No royals there; just approximately seven ambassadors in attendance, but enough to see some connection to draw up an 'affluent' list.
1. Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, worth $30 billion

2. Brunei's Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, worth $20 billion

3. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud, worth $18 billion

4. UAE President Sheik Khalifa bin-Zayed al Nahayan, worth $15 billion

5. Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashedal Maktoum, worth $4.5 billion
6. Liechtenstein's Prince Hans-Adam II, worth $3.5 billion

7. Morocco's King Mohammed VI, worth $2.5 billion

8. Qatar's Sheik Hamid bin Kalifa al-Thani, worth $2.4 billion

9. Prince Albert II of Monaco, worth $1 billion

10. His Highness the Aga Khan, worth $800 million

11. Oman's Sultan Qaboos bin Said, worth $700 million

12. Britain's Queen Elizabeth, worth $450 million

13. Kuwait's Sheik Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahamad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, worth $350 million

More about them here.
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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Note: I made a brief introduction about Pictures of Life (Hulagway sa Kinabuhi) on my sidebar just above the Bisdak links. There's an English version of this post below for friends & visitors who do not read Bisaya; and well, for fun in linguistic exercise as well.

K as in Kamunggay

Ang tawag sa uban ani malunggay. Pag google ko pa ang akong nasabtan kay malunggay ang English sa kamunggay busa basig tama ra akong bokabularyo ron para sa letrang K. Nakahinumdum na hinoon kog Balitang K, Rated K, naay K ug walay K. Moingon sila manguyab mo kana pud daw'ng naay K.

Matud pas klasmeyt nako sa hayskol ang mga inahan daw sa iyang mga anak maong wa niya pakasle kay iyang implikasyon mga babayeng walay K. Ingon pud akong amiga "he didn't aim high."

High as in kamunggay?  Motaas pud baya ning kamunggay no? (kaning sa hulagway nakita ko ni sa park) Naay nitubo sa lote atubangan sa ville nga among gipuy-an tong minyo pa ko. Mura kog nakakitag bulawan. Perting lipaya kay wa man gabaligyag kamunggay mga tawo dris akong barangay oi. Karon kay di man ko kaabot sa kahabog, aw gisungkit. Tingala ang gwardya unsay gibuhat sa golf club kinab-ot sa kamunggay.

Mao pa gyud siguro pagkakita niyag sagbot gisungkit ug golf club. Kay alangan wa man koy nakitang lipak nga pwede isungkit. Nabiktima lagi ang club sa akong banana q, aw bana diay, unsa bay bisaya aning ex-husband oi. Basta nakakaon kog kamunggay ug mao nay importante.

Ang ubang entre sama ani tua sa Bisdak Bloggers.

Malunggay (Kamunggay)
Other Bisdaks would call this malunggay. In Google's definition of malunggay, it is actually the English word for kamunggay. So I must have picked the right word for letter K this week; which reminds me of other K's like K News,  Rated K, 24 K and No K at all.  They say that if you should date someone, choose someone who has K. (Karat)

A high school classmate justifies his not marrying anyone among the mothers of his kids by implying that these women have no K. How unfortunate is that! My girl friend observes, "he did not aim high."

I wonder how high should one aim to reach someone with some K. As high as a malunggay? Malunggays do reach considerable height. Sadly, they are nowhere in Thai markets. However, there was one I discovered growing on an empty lot opposite the ville that I lived in when I was married. Imagine my excitement at the gold I found. Alas! it was too high for me. But no worries. I reached a few branches with a golf club. That act sent the guard's eyes bulging in astonishment.

It was obviously his first time to witness a golf club and a plant virtually unknown to him at close range. I could not find any stick to reach the leaves. Ex-hubster's club was the only candidate in sight ideal to accomplish the mission. By the way, what the heck is the English word for bana sa una (former husband)? Whatever. I got to eat malunggay and that's what mattered.

Sai Yok Noi Falls

My latest visit to Kanchanburi was my third in thirteen years. Of the three visits, I enjoyed this most recent the most. Everything went as planned. We went with Good Times Travel. Their tours are well-organized and their mini-buses not crowded with tourists. They conducted the tour with just six of us: 3 Italians, 1 Thai, 1 British and 1 Filipino. Our first stop was the Sai Yok Noi Falls.

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Monday, 4 April 2011

If I wrote a note

Musical Monday: Note to God by Charice on Oprah
Monday Mayhem follows

There's a twin issue currently hovering above my a** - a son diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), and an ex-hubster who plays hardball about all this. I shoot questions and need answers.  Unfortunately this reality takes time to be sorted and moments trying to penetrate the core for possible solutions could seem frustratingly non-existent. At times I fancy communicating with a deity like this - 

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Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop
Q1. Do you think Twitter is taking over as the 'social media tool of the moment' (replacing Facebook who replace MySpace)? It has its purpose to people, just like FB. Determining whether is has taken over as the "social media tool of the moment" could be partly based on the stats which I haven't checked so in playing this by ear - nope. I don't think it's taking over exactly.

Q2. What are your thoughts on the one year anniversary of the Gulf Oil spill?
Verifying facts before forming opinions is as important as its effect on us. That the BP top guy - Tony Hayward is a Phd (Geology) at 22 intrigued me but it has yet to be checked against that honorary something Edinburgh U conferred on him. No time to do that further. A question mark forms in my head on: 
The offshore drilling in the Gulf approved by the Obama administration features the same blowout preventers that we now know are prone to blowout. The safety report from BP that is cited in these latest applications is dated 2009, before the Deepwater Horizon failure. This failure to enforce standards is unsurprising in an industry where the “impartial” regulators have significant connections to lobbyists. McGill Daily
Q3. What combination of items, that people will sometimes use, should never be used in making a sandwich in your opinion?  Everyone has different tastes. No olives for me.

Jonas is a vampire too? God, where was I all this time....

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Friday, 1 April 2011

The culinary excuse of the hedgehog

Bangkok used to be predictably boiling hot during summers but now it's freaking cold. Two nights ago I walked around Piyarom Sports Club, my long-time haunt. The wind only had to make me shiver slightly and I was inside Ma Kitchenette in an instant, one of several eateries in the complex. It was half past ten at night and I needed the warmth you know :)

Rice fried with fish paste and dried mint leaves. The cashew nuts were my first attraction.  And that book club session I got back from earlier had too much red wine, chips and opinions on The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I had to temper those with a warm cup of cappuccino.

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