Friday, 7 January 2011

Goal goalie

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Goals. What are those?... Seriously that crossed my mind. For the life of me I am probably too benign with goals. If I didn't accomplish one, I could get so hard on myself. But goals. I play them by ear and you can bet your apron strings this will be simpler than putting on lipstick in the steering wheel while the light flashes red.

* Home school or something else
In May this year, CJ's developmental pediatrician suggested normal schooling. I had that followed. But my learner forms his own ideas of how he acquires education. I need to sort this out.

* Budget
Gone are the days of sitting pretty knowing money is not an issue. Four years have flown by since I signed those divorce papers and CJ got wiped out of his Dad's bank account. There's my appetite for travel, household name concerts, and luxury dining over dwindling cash. Last year I breezed through 5 major cities in 3 countries. No debts and I am proud of that. The goal here is to be willing to give up expensive tastes if the budget threatens to keel over.

* Emotional stability
Has life taught me anything yet? Excitement, terror, optimism, boredom are quite a handful of mix to manage. Now where is that useful thing called presence of mind?


BastiSimonandSam said...

Thanks for visiting Hazel. I love what you wrote, especially the "be willing to give up expensive tastes if the budget threatens to keel over" part of it, hehe. Live within our means. Good year ahead for all of us.

Hazel said...

Yeah yeah, it's the name of the game :)

Hazel said...

wow! i wish i do what you've done last year, breezed through cities in different counties... hehehehe... that's probably a goal...not this year though... visiting you here!

Pink Memoirs

Hazel said...

Don't Hazels love traveling? I try at least one country a year. Now we probably need some luck in here :)

Tetcha said...

It's great to hear that you're managing your finances well. Being debt-free is a great way to start 2011. Happy New Year!

Hazel said...

...and every year I suppose. Happy new year!

Hazel said...

Yeah, Hazels love to travel...hehehe... thanks for leaving a comment on my goals by the way. care to exchange links?

Pink Memoirs

Hazel said...

sure sure tukaya :)

Chris said...

glad you joined us this week at mommy moments.. :) i wish you the best this year!

simply kim said...

good luck on emotional stability. if you have that, then.. the rest, i think, will follow..