Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Business banter

B for Business banter: brilliant bullion

A trio of brains march into the boardroom
where the boss begins a blab
on budgets, profits, and pricey ads

Business is beautiful!
in other words it's a call
which has become a win-lose negotiation
for impoverished academics
to man business communication.

Turning to the only female among the three
"You're a brilliant lecturer, flatters he,
except when you're emotional."
"Oh shut up boss," retorts she,
  "I already know I'm brilliant 
except when emotional
is so equivocal
and I get too brilliant perhaps
to not grasp
that your observation
is my personal economic depression."

That is her mind racing
  A no is an answer
the boss is not taking
Clack her Vivienne Westwoods falter.

 A few blocks down SWT Business Institute
an investment fair constitutes
brokers who share expert analysis
on bonds and securities,
and the wonder of compound interest.

a bullion glows on a brochure for gold investment
lady lecturer points at it and casually comments
"shoots up when there's a war, right?"
"Exactly," was the quick reply.

She doesn't discount the possibility
After all war is business certainly
She sits on decent stocks
Ka-boom she rocks
Her university pay still sucks.

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Roger Owen Green said...

yes, there is still such sexist BLATHER out there.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Hazel said...

Often business becomes blather when it goes sexist. God help us all.

PatioPatch said...

An interesting take on B. Gold prices have reached vertiginous heights this week but if business women stopped teetering on heels they might be taken more seriously. Even so sexism in the board room is booming (as my daughter who runs her own business can vouch).

Hazel said...

The old bastards won't always get what they want. Business women may predict that particularly when their brains begin oozing juices of retributive justice as their VWs sway amidst inequality.

Rajesh said...

This is wonderful.

Carver said...

Fun story and great take on the letter B.

Gigi Ann said...

Well, that was an interesting take on the B post. Fun by so true.

Thanks for your visit to my ABC post.

Wanda said...

Pretty clever take on the B words.

I can see you are not only a good writer, but got that sense of humor too.