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Shiny floor

Two entries are integrated in this post: Sinaw nga Salog for the Bisdak Pictures of Life and Shiny Floor for Nostalgia which you have to scroll down for; thanks.

There's a brief introduction about Pictures of Life (Hulagway sa Kinabuhi) on my sidebar just above the Bisdak links. An English version of this post is available right below for friends and visitors who do not read Bisaya. This is a bi-lingual exercise for me.

Ga-inilis mig salog sa balay. Giuna ang sala. Pag shopping nako, isa ni sa mga estilo sa tiles nga akong napansin. Sinaw sa? Dako ra ni so di ni mao akong gipalit, pero gipikchuran nako kay nalingaw ko'g tan-aw samtang ga imagine sa mga choices para sa salog sa kusina.

We are changing the floors at home. First up is the living room. This is one design on display that caught my attention when I went shopping for tiles. Shiny, isn't it?  It is obviously wide. The living room is small so this is not what I bought, but I took a photo of it because I enjoyed imagining choices of tiles for the kitchen floor, which is next on the plan.

More entries in the Bisdak Bloggers home.


Nostalgia 1: Shiny Floor

Wooden floor. Red cement floor; if that is how it was called. Those Philippine floors we trod on in the 70s. Remember the coconut husk? (read: lampaso). In school we learned to shine our classroom floor using this many-splendored nut. That was thirty, more or less, years ago; and unless you were brought up somewhere else or went to schools where servants did the scrubbing for students, you could relate with this blab one way or another.

At home I watched my son use his high back swivel chair as a makeshift car and get a big cousin to push him to and fro on the living room floor. This kid's idea of fun is as frolicsome as that coconut branch I rode on down muddy slopes during rainy afternoons. Ok,I did not exactly experience such ingenious ride, but developing media provided similar stories and a few illustrations. Back in the day, the lampaso was the secret to our shiny floors, wasn't it? Has anyone seen a lampaso recently? Or has it become a thing of the past? I'd like to run my fingers across one, one more time before it finally goes extinct and the memory of those shiny floors that were once witness to how young our feet were fade off our minds. 

Rose hosts Nostalgia. Click here to see what others are reminiscing about.


I love the lampaso more than the polisher...though ingnon nalang nato nga na phase out na.. kay wa nay lubi hahaha... mao na mga tiles na ang salog arun wa nay lampasohan... haha..

Hazel, manghangyo ko bi Ifollow ni nga blog, just need to reach 100 .. pls.. thanks in advance.. followed here the second time :) thank you :)
chubskulit said…
Oh I used to do lampaso in the floor too, not at our house but to my paternal home. You can still get lampaso sa Pinas, pagawa ka hehehe.. Natawa ako sa extinct lol. Si mama nga gumagamit pa ng lampaso eh.. Sa bukid kasi nakatira lol.

Thanks for joining sis. I don't speak bisaya but I do understand when I read it kkasi may mga neighbors kami sa bicol na bisaya ang lingo..
kim said…
hmmm.. i haven't been trying to make our floor shiny, my son is just too restless to last unharmed, lol!
Cookie said…
haha, nalingaw ko. but true, maka sinaw jud ang lampaso.
Goodluck sa imong kusina.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a nice Friday!
i can relate to scrubbing floors with lampaso. I used to do that back in elementary with my classmates before heading home. i haven't seen lampaso nowadays na....or at least in our household...

this is such a nostalgic brings me back to my childhood.

thanks for visiting mine
Years ago, we've ever used 'lampaso' to clean our class room floor :)
Thanks for dropping by...
genny said…
we do have lampaso here, pero di nako ginagamit akong brother lang kay hangat.hehee
Dhemz said…
visiting from Nostalgia....:) korek, floor wax ug lampaso ang secret para pasinaw sa salog...ehehehe...h:)

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