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A quiet week

Thailand is celebrating Songkran (Thai new year) this week. Water-throwing which characterizes the occasion has been reportedly mild especially in Bangkok where protests are still going on. It's untraditionally dry where I live and in general things have been quiet. I like the week just the way it is:

A place to purchase necessities in peace
I usually stay indoors during Songkran because I don't like to get drenched. To do the same thing this year I hoarded food so I didn't have to go out at anytime during the entire week. I'm glad I was able to do my shopping without having to worry about stray bullets or being trampled by a mob.

A friendly man in uniform
After buying everything we needed, CJ and I stood waiting opposite the mall for our ride home. Vehicles on the highway were sparse. The cop directing traffic approached CJ, and playfully tugged the Ultraman doll which seems perenially attached to CJ's hand nowadays. Then he went back to his job. It all happened within less than a minute but the smile coming out the officer's masked face spread to my face too.

Baby sitting gone easy
Out of the blue CJ stopped drinking milk from the bottle. An abrupt, sort of without preamble decision of his. YAY to the end of almost six years of bottle-related inconveniences! I'm exceedingly relieved and pleased.

I made use of my free week brainstorming. There are parts of research where offline sources are more helpful than online back-up. Such books were good litter on my bed.

Rebirth in my fridge
This is the result of more or less 60 dinners in restaurants, and take-out lunches. I had fun discovering it, wished I had an earth-filled pot so it could go on or time for city gardening -

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Anya said…
Thats a silly picture Hazel
what is it a onion........ LOL

(No I have also no privacy at home Hazel,
Kareltje is also always looking at me when i shower .......LOL)
Hazel said…
Anya, naughty boy Kareltje! lol... your guess is correct :)
Carrie said…
Oh my word - I was wondering also! =D That's pretty incredible.

Songkran sounds....a little crazy. If I were you I'd be happy for a quiet week also! =D

Hope your weekend continues in like manner!
ellen b. said…
Glad you stocked up and don't have to go out in the fray...
What a fun unexpected gesture from the policeman. :0)
Have a great weekend...
Susanne said…
That sounds like quite the celebration you have there.

Continuing to pray for your country during the protests. Glad you could safely go somewhere to stock up on needed supplies.
Hazel said…
Carrie, lol... I chopped the leaves and garnished them on my sweet and sour fish :D

And Songkran? it is crazy and could be loads of fun if you plan to completely join in you would no longer mind getting wet. It's like taking a shower out on the streets with everybody. And there's a lot of laugher too :D

Susanne, thank you very much. I appreciate that!
Anonymous said…
What an interesting custom! I am glad you had a relatively quiet week and a chance to get out for supplies. What a fun gesture from the policeman.

I don't think my refrigerator would hold leftovers from 60 meals!
Hazel said…
Barbarah, the dinings out took over my routine before I could do anything with a whole onion, poor thing :) I need better shopping decisions, especially when it comes to food.
Jerralea said…
Wow! Songkran sounds crazy! I think I'd try to stay in as much as possible too.

Girl, you don't want to see what grows in my fridge sometimes! I'm trying to do better about cleaning it out more often ...
Hazel said…
Ellen, yes that cop was a nice public servant :)

Jerri, maybe I don't but I will have fun guessing, lol!
Islandsparrow said…
I've never heard of that holiday -but it beats tomato throwing in Spain :)

Cute onion hairdo!

Glad things are a little quieter and safer for you.

Hazel said…
Kathie, oh-oh tomatoes... ok I'll have the water lol
Willow said…
Whenever I hear of 'happenings' in Thailand, I think of you and send up a little prayer for you and CJ. That onion is a determined little root veggie!

Have a happy and safe weekend.
Anonymous said…
You mean that onion was growing in your fridge? LOL too funny. Glad CJ is done with the bottle. That's great news. :) That cute. Sounds like a great safe week :) Have a wonderful weekend :)
Glad you're safe and staying in, mostly!

I know exactly what you mean about research. I have a PILE of library books right now. It's like mining gold.

Stay safe -- happy weekend.
Brenda said…
In Paraguay and Peru they have a time of year where everyone throws water. My children participated heartily. But it is uncomfortable if you get hit.

Stay dry!
Lisa notes... said…
Water-throwing is something brand new to me! I love hearing about the differences in our cultures. Praying for Thailand right now…
Hazel said…
Willow, thank you; tis soo sweet of you!

Thom, yeah! the 'end of the bottle' is the grandest highlight for me this week :D

Laura, I find it cute that there's someone who 'listens' to my research blab :) thanks

Brenda, right - the discomfort is exactly what I'm avoiding. It's like you either participate heartily or stay out of it completely

Lisa, thank you for your prayer
Anya said…
I hope all is well
you have normal so many new posts

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