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Wonderful World

Musical Monday: What a Wonderful World
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Is it just me or do you also notice that sometimes when you are required to write something concise, you could hardly do so? All weekend this was my trouble. I drafted a research proposal overview that, if approved, would involve textual analysis of National Trust publications -actually simple to look at but taxing to put together. Louise Armstrong's What a Wonderful World would be one way to describe a part of it.

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Monday Mayhem: I love this about...
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What do you love about people that you spend time with outside your home (coworkers etc)? they always share their snacks, perhaps a cultural trait

What do you love about people in your home?
my kiddo's manifestation of caring: last night I casually showed him my bleeding ankle and he ran to my dresser, stood on his toes looking for something beyond piles of magazines and came back with a muscle pain cream, lathered a handful on the cut and with a worried smile assured me, "there."

What do you love about talking on the phone?
speed of sending the message across

What do you love about the over-used terms that people use? glimmer of cuteness in the familiarity

What do you love about restaurant foods?
that I don't have to prepare them and clean up after eating

What do you love about restaurant servers?
their attention

What do you love about reading other blogs?
the picture I form in my mind about their world

What do you love about memes?
other people's interesting ways of answering them

What do you love about commenting on blogs?

What do you love about people who chew gum?
less gibberish as they have to chew (this was hard)

What do you love about driving on the highway?

What do you love about shopping at Walmart?
Walmart seems to be the equivalent of Tesco here which in that case, the low prices

What do you love about kids?
their juvenile wisdom that teaches adults to behave like responsible adults

What do you love about your gender?
feminine power

What do you love about the opposite sex?
strength and intelligence

What do you love about shoes?
that I don't have to suffer the difficulties of going barefoot

What do you love about shopping for clothes?
variety of styles

What do you love about music?
it helps me accomplish a lot of chores

What do you love about drinking alcohol?
watching those who do lighten themselves up a bit

What do you love about pizza?
when it is delivered to my door

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Anonymous said…
New theme again? You are worse than I am LOL I like it those. Fresh and clean. Love this song by Louise Armstrong. And what a wonderful world we live in. Yes there are problems but lucky us :) CJ is a wonderful boy. I wonder where he gets that from hmmm? Oh yeah it must be mama :) The pizza...oh yeah...I hope you and CJ had a wonderful Easter :)

Hazel said…
Lol! my widgets keep disappearing, Thom. Yeah, problems but a touch of optimism makes a lot of difference so you're right - lucky us :)
Run DMT said…
I have always loved this song. My sister and my dad danced to this song at her wedding. Brings tears to my eyes.

Great pick!

There was a whole lotta love for Monday Mayhem this week, huh? lol
I am Harriet said…
Hi Hazel.
You're so right about the not having to clean up thing.
Thanks for playing and have a great day!
Hazel said…
Denise, wow what a beautiful picture to imagine; and Monday Mayhem - yeah, lol!

Harriet, we must have something in common about cleaning up :D
Anya said…
W_O_N_D_E_R_F_U_L_ song :))))))

I was today by a friend from brasil on her blog
She had today a post (I must think on you.... go look maybe you can copy it and also publish it ...:))
I think its something for Hazel
My dad is 84 and sings at piano bars. He sounds just like Louie. People tell him he's a white Louie. He says, "Back in the day, they tolkd Louie that he was a black me..." :)
Diane said…
"What do you love about kids?
their juvenile wisdom that teaches adults to behave like responsible adults"

great answer!!

good song too! :)
Hazel said…
Anya, I'm curious :)

Bud, how wonderful is that!

Diane, thanks
Anonymous said…
Classic song...can be applied to so many situations. Happy MM
Ebie said…
Thanks for stopping by, I thought that my title post was an attention getter! Hehehehe, that was funny.

What do you love about memes?
other people's interesting ways of answering them....I am also curious about their answers, because they practically have the same answers to most of their visits. hehehe, sometimes one or two words only.
Kelly L said…
This has got to be one of my favorite songs - love it. Great choice.

Hazel said…
coopernicus, that's right

Ate Eb, it was, that's why I hurried to your place. in other words nakichismis lol

Kelly, it could be easily the fave of many, you and I included :)
Unknown said…
What a lovely song.. he sounds awesome!

Sorry that I am late in my visits and comments.

Have you a great week!

Mine is here


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