Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hush and moods

Saturday 9: Hush
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1. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? it depends upon the company

2. Do you take compliments well? yes, if it's true or sincere

3. Are you judgmental? no, but as I'm no saint: u judge me, I judge u back

4. Do you think more about the past, present or future? much on the good things that happened, are happening and will happen

5. What do you hate? I don't hate. I loathe, lol! But since I love myself, I get over it quickly. Like recently, some unfairness was going on at my nook. I did what I wanted and needed to do. Problem solved. Next issue....

6. Use three words to describe yourself. I. get. even.

7. Do you celebrate Halloween? Explain: In the blogosphere, yes. I celebrate by visiting blogs that are big on the occasion. I feast on the decorations, read colorful descriptions of activities and enjoy some predictable scare.

8. If you were mixing up a witches brew, what would be in it? Alice Cullen's creativity, Jacob Black's physique, Sirius Black's charm, Lily Potter's kindness, Molly Weasley's motherly affection

9. If you're in a room with two beds, which one do you sleep on? the one with closer access to a good view

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Weekend Funnies: Moods of the week
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I know which day are you! LOL!






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Thom said...

ROFLMAO. perfect answers when you get judged and you get even. EXCELLENT. Love the weekday children. Too funny. Have a great Saturday.

Hazel said...

Isn't that the way we make life simple, Thom? ROFL!

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! this baby face is so adorable !!

Hazel said...

which one? lol! don't you just love those bulging cheeks? :-)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You're too much! Always go for the bed with a view...

Hazel said...

Human nature, Bud lol!

I am Harriet said...

Yikes- that's a heck of a brew. Those babies are so cute!

Have a great Saturday!

Hazel said...

Harriet, because I won't go for eye of newt and toe of frog lol!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i love all the chubby cheeks. soooo cute.

Hazel said...

Mom Daughter Style, aren't they!

Ebie said...

I pick the bed by the window too!

Hahaha, love those smiles and eyes, the last shot is my favorite!

Hazel said...

As in jud ang ka lamorok, Te no? hahahah