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It's overrated

Musical Monday: It's a beautiful life, Ace of Base Scroll down for Monday Mayhem The truth is I am hanging in suspense right now and there is a cloud of worry above my head. I don't particularly enjoy it but I know I'll get through it and that's what I like about all this. A self-imposed dose of optimism today, I hope you like it. Amanda @ Bloggin with Amanda hosts Musical Monday XmasDolly of XmasDolly , Lori of Shewbridges of Central Florida , Larry of Cakeblast , and Callie of JAmerican Spice host Monday's Music Moves Me Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop *********** Monday Mayhem: The overrated 1. Name a restaurant that is over-rated ? Any restaurant you have to wait an hour to get into 2. What food is over-rated ? That christmas party valenciana I tasted in 5th grade. 3. Name an experience that you have had that is/was over-rated ? My marriage. Thank God it's over. 4. What celebrity is over-rated ? Paris Hilton and all of them who cla

Nobody knows the truffles I've seen

Our Weekend Memoirs: First things first Scroll down for Sunday Stealing A nasty cold was mangling my nose into a mound of peeling red on new year's day. I fought it with antibiotics and sneezed through the first day of 2011. Same old, same old except that I like to think this is the way I am saying goodbye for the first time to a favorite past-time. Where Miranda Priestley would have called me an incubus of viral plague, C hang out with me in a resort town to see the day go by. This is my first coffee of the year. C's first detox food and her first dessert, which I pecked at occasionally. The nose was still stuffy. C was brave. We proceeded to Hilton where we drank the night away listening to live music. If I didn't remember that I used to frequent Hilton twelve years ago, my margarita would probably have tasted new. Oh well. Time to get back to reality. Face another year of crap. Until the next getaway then. Ebie and Arlene host Our Weekend Memoirs ***************

Eat your words

Have you ever sat down reading something routine and suddenly you have to scramble to the dictionary? I swear I used to eat these words for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A four-year hiatus from the research lab and wait, what...? threaten to punctuate the flow . They are getting back to my diet again, but they are so obvious they are killing me. 1. theory 2. latent 3. variable 4. delimit 5. experiment 6. framework 7. philosophy 8. correlate 9. dissemination 10. cognitive 11. proselytize 12. epistemology 13. empirical Megan and Janet hosts Thursday 13 .

Like crazy

Music Monday: I Miss You Like Crazy, I Have Nothing Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem Songs of your youth - why does it sound so distant? (lol). I picked a song each from 1988 and 1993, years very significant to me when life was budding. There's something I am trying to analyze nowadays. It turns out harder than the research project I am working on. How can you miss someone so much when all that connects you two in the past is a silly high school drama? Maybe that's why this Natalie Cole hit says like crazy because longing for someone you haven't even had communication with in 22 years does sound crazy. Modern technology enables us hours of talking and virtual dinners together. But merging that with the lives we lived without each other does not make sense to me. Crazy is the only explanation I can think of right now. Not that I'm about to operationalize psychoticism and neuroticism in my research. This thing going on is something else. It amazes me how Whitney


"Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as the water from a fountain. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass the fountain" So says ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tze. I wonder what could he have thought about musical fountains. This one is. Right below the skytrain terminal station in Mochit is Suan Sirikit. This fountain entrances people in the park. The water dances while the music, which is understandably Thai, plays. It does not stop the fascination I know though. And it might have ended right then at the start.... * Thanks to Gray for tagging and lending me this photo. My World Tuesday is brought to you by Klaus and the My World Team Sandy , Wren , Fishing Guy , Sylvia

Random destiny

Musical Monday: Destiny Monday Mayhem follows Vanessa Mae. We share the same second name. Her biological father is Thai. So is my son's. I love violin music. The coincidence that fascinates me is Vanessa Mae's birthday which is the same as Paganini's. Her music style, the self-described violin techno-acoustic fusion, is a sassy alternative to my orientation: that somber air around my soprano mother's careworn solo part of Sanctus. It's the new year and it's great to have an alternative. The tempo moves me too. I hope you enjoy Destiny today as much as I do. Amanda @ Bloggin with Amanda hosts Musical Monday XmasDolly of XmasDolly , Lori of Shewbridges of Central Florida , Larry of Cakeblast , and Callie of JAmerican Spice host Monday's Music Moves Me Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop ************************ Monday Mayhem: All about random questions 1. Are you through with all of the stress associated with the Holidays and the New Year?

P is for Park Day

Sunday Stealing: The First 2011 Alphabet Meme Scroll down for Our Weekend Memoirs Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Neil Turner at the blog Neil Turner from the blog Neil Turner's Blog (duh). Neil is from Yorkshire, England. He said he stole it from Troy. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Cheers to all of us thieves! A is for Age: that age when they say life begins and it could be 1-90 B is for Beer of choice: I'm allergic to beer C is for Career: procrastination D is for favourite Drink: cold tea water E is for Essential item you use everyday: lappy F is for Favourite song at the moment: I'm not in love so don't forget it G is for favourite Game: dreaming H is for Home town: sleepy fruit basket at the foot of a volcano I is for Instruments you play: point and shoot J is for favourite Juice: mango K is for Kids: yeah, got a handful

Goal goalie

Mommy Moments is where Moms muse about motherhood and show off their kids. Joys, worries, disappointments, hopes, challenges and successes are shared. Chris hosts this meme every Friday at The Mommy Journey . Goals. What are those?... Seriously that crossed my mind. For the life of me I am probably too benign with goals. If I didn't accomplish one, I could get so hard on myself. But goals. I play them by ear and you can bet your apron strings this will be simpler than putting on lipstick in the steering wheel while the light flashes red. * Home school or something else In May this year, CJ's developmental pediatrician suggested normal schooling. I had that followed. But my learner forms his own ideas of how he acquires education. I need to sort this out. * Budget Gone are the days of sitting pretty knowing money is not an issue. Four years have flown by since I signed those divorce papers and CJ got wiped out of his Dad's bank account. There's my appetite for t

No sense, no sensibility

I usually try not to begin my very first sentence with I. In blogging. The title of this post is borrowed. Now isn't that desultory? Today I ramble. 1. Burlesque is coming up on the big screen. A genius integrated my idol into the trailer. 2. I frequent this cafe in front of my workplace because of its English magazines. Beside my iced mocha, a recent Reader's Digest issue features the best universities in Asia (University of Hong Kong is top) and quotes the Microsoft chairman, "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." 3. "We are two of a kind, Hazel - ying and yang, but beautifully blended into one," wrote someone to me an hour ago. 4. Youtube user Niva20011 commented on a Khmer Rouge clip, "can you smoke (Pol) Pot?" 5. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one . Yoko Ono's husband's voice plays in my head when I remembered that I have forgotten to review The Killin