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Editorial cartoons

As Bangkokians brace for "what now?, what next?..." the end of the country's worst flooding in 50 years seem drowned in the depths of either two major bursting dams. Blame, criticism and serious politicking affect flood (mis)management further.  The situation could be Thailand's halloweenish watery scare. I personally just went out yesterday to pick a few items that will somehow ward off starvation should the waters rush in to where I live. If most Thais are at a loss to understand what exactly is the government trying to say, what and how could anyone who does not speak the local language grasp anything at all?  Maybe Friends of the Nation editorial cartoons can help. A quick fact by the way: Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is sister of former PM in exile Thaksin Shinawatra. 1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Thanks to Megan and Janet for hosting Thursday 13 .

Don Gato and company

In the 80s we had a neighbor who played Senor Don Gato repeatedly on his cassette. The sound was loud enough to reach other houses. Fortunately, the song was amusing - a very cat-like human voice would respond "meow, meow, meow."  It probably helped that I'm an animal lover so I didn't mind hearing the song over and over.  Mozart, my fur kid looks very much like this pooch. See how he dances :) And here's thoroughbred Little Red by Patty Shukla  Some of the things I love about living in Thailand are the elephants ! They are called "chang" here. This is a clip of Thai children singing karaoke about a chang. This post is linked with: XmasDolly @ XmasDolly , Lori @ Shewbridges of Central Florida , Callie @ JAmerican Spice and Stacy @ Stacy Uncorked Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop

Shout outs

Beautiful, sarcastic, funny, pessimistic, creative, to-be-verified, positive, sad, true. Facebook has it all covered. These are shout outs I noticed friends have posted recently.  My faves are those that ring true. 1." Which would you rather be...divinely beautiful or dazzlingly clever or angelically good?" - Anne Shirley 2. What is real happiness ?...It is when you feel fine even if there is nothing left in your pocket...It is when you enjoy life inspite of the problems you have...And most of all,when you still know how to smile and thank God for His blessings even if you are the poorest person and has the least important job on earth... ‎3. ♥ Before Marriage ♥ Boy: At last i can Hardly wait! Girl: Do you want me to leave? Boy: No don"t even think about it! Girl: Do you love me? Boy: Of course, always! Girl: Have you ever cheated on me? Boy: No, why are you asking? Girl: Will you kiss me? Boy: Every chance i get Girl: Will you slap me? Boy: Hell


There's a marriage celebration in a castle where the bride is hassled for a campaign tagline. Everyone would die did you just sigh? Back to the title Melancholia must be that high. ~ Hazel, Stasia Desiderata Cannes Review Has anyone seen Melancholia yet? I haven't. My coffee and movie meetup group sent me an invite to watch this film which is shown this week in Bangkok.  According to summaries around Lars Von Trier creates psychological devastation.  The sooner we get over it, the better: nobody survives. "In a way, the film does have a happy ending," remarks Trier.  Everyone perishes and there's a happy ending(?). That might send me to the theater to find out how true, how come and why. There are beautiful scenes in the trailer. Watch. This post is linked with ABC Wednesday .

Orinoco flow

"from Tripoli to the Yellow Sea, from Peru to Cebu..." Quite international: about 16 other locations are referenced on Enya's Orinoco Flow which topped the charts for weeks in the 90s. The mention of Cebu brings me to the summer of 1990.  I was 18, traipsed Cebu and said to myself - one day I'll go look at what's beyond this old city. That is not the only reason I like Sail away (incorrectly thought of as the title).  The arpeggiated harp intrigues me as well. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do. This post is linked with: XmasDolly @ XmasDolly , Lori @ Shewbridges of Central Florida , Callie @ JAmerican Spice and Stacy @ Stacy Uncorked Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop

Neurotic old maid patties

"...I'm single. I eat in the kitchen sink." - Sarah (Diane Lane) in Must Love Dogs Well, I'm single too, and I eat on top of the fridge facing a rickety bread toaster and a good, old reading lamp amongst pens, receipts, stray ear rings and notes bound for the loony bin.  In this one particular case when I had been in bed too long, I stood on my 5th floor porch for some fresh air. These are oat patties I managed to conjure err... make during one Saturday when I was unable to eat out.  Tuna chunks, pancake flour, evaporated milk, a large egg, Knorr soy sauce, and shitake bits. There are no spices at all; can't be bothered. Just mix, fry and voila! Every piece turned out yummy. You would expect me to fidget while trying to leave some for a friend who was coming to dinner. The AC machine became the next table. And then a thought struck. This plate is royal bone china. It falls and hits a sedan on the parking lot below and I'm going to mourn my loss for a long t

Casa embrujada

Built in world war two the Spanish house stood along the road Capiz shells made up its windows Mom and daughter upstairs went down the exterior staircase to join the family for evening stories downstairs They chatted for hours until the wind howled and the heavens poured as they adjusted the cord to record memoirs Uncle Roth began "farewell my motherland...." they pressed the play button to hear how the verse got on Out came "yakan, yaweh..." children voices sang tuneless, dwarfish, wee dear Lord what's up with Thee not a word from motherland! Nervously they laughed at how the recording turned out but when they did a dusty laughter they heard from the empty upstairs As if to mimic and mock their jaws to shock and brittle their hairs to convert them into believers.   Ancient Digger Until now I still don't know what 'yakan, yaweh' is. I scoured the net for hints with very little success. The words are as fresh on my mind as I heard them 28 year

Girl reading

The pictures space in my e-library contains a folder named Anastasia's Looking Glass.  It is where I store photos that inspire me. Recently I stumbled upon this website called where you can "bookmark your favorite images and share them with everyone." So far I found 12; (thought I'd include one of me to complete the list as I like it the way it is), and I'm sharing all with you.  A link to the source is placed before each photo. My 'favoritest' are nos. 2 - 13. Got yours? 1. Reading blurbs @ Dasa Book Cafe. February 2011 2. reading 3. Untitled / Lauren Treece 4. reading 5. Beauty of childhood / via ver2go (tumblr) 6. Sisters / Mig_R 7. 163 / 365 - Felix Felicis / Noukka Signe http://beautyineverythi


A little note: I was scared of Santilmo or St. Elmo's fire until a teacher in high school explained it from a scientific point of view. The first haiku is my way of appreciating science and knowledge in general for helping me overcome a silly fear. The second - I like to think that if my dreams are flared up, it will be easy to chase them, even if they are on wings :-) Sun blazes, blood spills Heaven pours, reactions flare Science backs Elmo *** Diaphanous wings   flutter on a garden path flaring up my dreams Jenn hosts Sensational Haiku Wednesday @ You know... that Blog?


L for Ligeia L ydian L igeia didn't l ast would she have given up forbidden wisdom in exchange for l yterian? A ll an gulps in l ypemania as she sleeps underneath the earth  where a l ychgate stands  even in her l ysis she l ies l yncean - Hazel, Stasia Desiderata Wikipedia Ligeia is a story about female beauty, intelligence, human mortality and opium-induced hallucinations of  resurrection, by Edgar Allan Poe. Trust Poe to weave brilliant tales out of his drunken episodes.  Now we have film adaptations as well as moments of l iterary l uxury l istening to his genius, The Conqueror Worm.     Witch Ghetto In beauty of face no maiden ever equaled her. It was the radiance of an opium-dream – an airy and spirit-lifting vision more wildly divine than the fantasies which hovered about the slumber... ( source ) This post is linked with ABC Wednesday .

Under Pressure

Anyone out there who is under pressure , please raise your right hand. There goes mine. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bonnie Tyler are some of my favorite songsters who have hits among the top 100 songs of the 80s. Resisting them was hard. The Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure is, as far as the title goes, what I exactly am nowadays. Here's hoping some of the pressure get kicked away by the beats that also move me today. This post is linked with: XmasDolly @ XmasDolly , Lori @ Shewbridges of Central Florida , Callie @ JAmerican Spice and Stacy @ Stacy Uncorked Denise @ Run DMT hosts Music Monday Blog Hop