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Dreams are my reality

Our Weekend Memoirs and Pixel Bug Weekend: Disney Fun Please scroll down for Sunday Stealing A note: Sassy Mom invited me to join her meme Pixel Bug Weekend. Thank you, Sassy Mom. I thought it would be fun. Since I'm on two other memes on Sunday and Monday, four in fact when two days' worth of memes are all added up, I am incorporating OWM with PBW as both have similar themes. This post has today's Sunday Stealing theme rubbed off on it. I'm sharing selected shots from those Disney-ish outings we did last year. A scene from Disney on Ice, taken early 2009 Dream World entrance; lots of dreams inside, mostly with a Disney feel Some free-style dreaming: Jack's beanstalk is clinging up a castle It's a bed of sunflowers below. I was seeing roses actually. Bon Jovi rocked my tired, kid-carrying muscles back to reality. We also went to a children's museum where a large part is dedicated to showing kids a very good illustration of fairytales. So much budge

Song from a mom's heart

Friday's Fave Five: Love will find a way Please scroll down for Mommy Moments Tension hovered over my week. It's related with preparations for a future endeavor, but then it's usually the way with such kind of stuff. I'm glad, like always, to reach Friday and engage in a healthy exercise of finding what is positive about the week. Once again, thank you, Susanne for Friday's Fave Five : i. Story of strength and courage I haven't been following the winter olympics, but the news story of figure skater Joannie Rochette made me reflect on life's beautiful attributes. ii. This week Final exams are going on - light work all week with lots of free time for us invigilating, not taking the finals. iii. Cashing a check and saving it When my gradschool transcript was released, I kept my ID card in my wallet and shifted my thoughts on stuff unrelated with studies. Maybe I was too happy to not think about research for awhile I also forgot that I still have some ca

Anne with an 'e'

Orphans, governesses, novels and novelists. And yeah, an erring vicar's wife. What else... oh, beautiful, charming countryside scenes galore! These are stills from some of my favorite movies. I put what I remember about each movie. The images are apparently google; each link is provided to acknowledge the source. I guess you would know some or all of the titles. 1. A precocious orphan who insists her name be spelt with an 'e' ( image ) 2. "You take care of the swing, I'll worry about the hole" ( image ) 3. A children's storybook illustrator and a conservationist ( image ) 4. A governess who falls in love with her employer whose wife lives imprisoned at Thornfield Manor ( image ) 5. Another governess who falls in love with her employer. She's also "a nun who gave up her habit for a guy in the military" that's Vin Diesel describing the movie. ( image ) 6. "Don't go growing a big head. Your crown won't fit." ( image


Musical Monday: Love is the answer Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem Last time I checked, my civil status hasn't shrouded my perception of what is smile-inducing. Before signing those papers, I used to play this song while speeding on expressways. I may not completely agree that love is the answer to everything, but I certainly believe the tune helps fight off boredom on the steering wheel, even now that there's no wheel to steer and I'm using legs to go mobile. I cherish the pleasant; bury the b******. The thought moves me. Diane @ Good Mourning, Glory! hosts Click here for more music ******************************* Monday Mayhem: Write that headline Please scroll up for Musical Monday Each of the following headlines appeared on Your task is simple: re-write the headline in as many words as the original headline was written. Enjoy! Israeli cult leader charged with enslavement, rape Your 7-word headline: Jesus mutant redefines Harriet

A recap and a clown

Our Weekend Memoirs: Valentine Recap Please scroll down for Sunday Stealing Hearts day is over. I have blabbed about it in the last five days or so. This is a recap of the day. The Chinese new year celebrations aggravated the valentine traffic. It was pratical that we stayed put in one place, Siam Paragon. These are a trio of shots I intended for this post: Chinese girls entertaining The rose Mama Goose got from her gosling Cj and friend, Gyanna sharing a laugh By the way, does anyone know which musical instrument is that? Zheng? Ebie and Arlene host Click here for more memoirs ********** Sunday Stealing: The Clown Meme 2 Please scroll up for Our Weekend Memoirs Today we ripped this meme off blogger named Boppo from the blog Boppo the Clown's Journal. He states that he grabbed it at Drgncrystlwkr. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. It is a long meme,

Books and roses

Friday's Fave Five: Valentine Edition Please scroll down for Mommy Moments Celebrating valentine's day without a romantic date is nothing new to me. What's relatively new is having Ceejay as my valentine date for two years now. It keeps getting better and this year it's even all that I wanted it to be and more. My faves this week are all about this year's love day. How to be a Gentleman 101 The idea is to begin lessons on giving gifts to ladies other than Mommy or Grandma Philippines and Grandma Thailand. We hadd it simple but sweet: roses for my friend Chett. I was thrilled that Cj followed instructions and Chett was happy to receive the roses. Red roses and a long, blue & white dress I thought the blooms were riotous and I enjoyed looking at them. I also finally wore the dress I almost forgot existed in my wardrobe. Bought a year ago, it was lucky to have served its purpose on hearts day. Little preferences for the day The original plan was lunch at Fuj

I will if I could but I can't so I won't

Musical Monday: I Know I Need to be in Love (Karen Carpenter) Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem There's this valentine joke among Filipino coeds that dooms those without a date on February 14th to a virtual firing squad. Venue for the 'execution' is always on a mountain peak, and those on 'death row' are required to hike up ala-Via Dolorosa. Well, yesterday I was on death row yet again, and like any law-abiding citizen, I climbed to the peak. In high heels and long dress. Old maid me had so much fun watching lovey-dovey couples along the way. Now let me see if "the price I paid" and am still paying "is high enough for me" or "let's keep it simple:" worth it all. Diane @ Good Mourning, Glory! hosts Click here for more music ******************************* Monday Mayhem: Have you or would you? Please scroll up for Musical Monday HAVE YOU or WOULD YOU... kissed a cow? touched one? kiss - haven't, wouldn't; touch