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They're just breasts

What is it about men and nudity? Particularly breasts... How can you be so interested in them? I mean seriously: they're just breasts. Every second person has them. They're odd looking, they're for milk from your mother. What's all the fuss about? In case you were wondering... that was Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) talking to William (Hugh Grant) the morning after they slept together. Notting Hill has been awhile. So have breasts. But not these features of the Woman and Child gallery at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre. They are fairly recent. That's My World Tuesday is brought to you by the MyWorld team Klaus Sandy Wren Fishing Guy Sylvia

That settles it for me

For weeks I spent some of my free time skimming Max Planck Society. There's this necessity to familiarize oneself with institute regulations. It doesn't take a PhD candidate to recognize elements of hard-core atheism in the research culture of the society's Evolutionary Anthropology wing. That got me reviewing creationism beliefs embedded in my christian upbringing. Overlapping it is the pressure to adhere to fiercely quantitative, evidence-based scientific theories. Yet things are less complicated when you have another option - faith. I don't pretend to be good at it, but I'm thankful that despite deficiences a choice to sense and appreciate what faith is capable of doing in our lives, exists. Here's a clip from a 1976 footage of a Heritage song, God Said It and I Believe It . I loved it then when I was learning to play hop scotch. Now it's my kind of wedge against otherwise unsuitable tilting. Faith is the essence of things unseen The substance of things

Hazel-eyed Jane Austen

As a fan of Jane Austen, I am extremely pleased with the plethora of information about her on the web. It goes without saying that I spend hours immersed in Austen blogs and equally delightful related sites. There is one I want to focus on, and it is the source of my faves this week: Sadish Jane Austen's World A classic party inside! I am drawn to this promise: "This blog brings Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency Period alive through food, dress, social customs, and other 19th C. historical details" A good trait Vic, the blog owner writes on "About Me" "...If you would like to share a new site, or point out an error, please email me. (Yes, I am fallible. I'll own up to my mistakes and will make the corrections with a polite smile on my face.)" A familiar word It's an adjective but it's also my name . James Austen Leigh, the author's nephew describes his aunt's physical attributes - “ ... full round cheeks, with mo


Bucolic is listed on Dr Goodword's alphaDictionary as one of the most beautiful words in English. I typed it on google images and as I strayed, like I usually allow myself to when leisurely searching, I was led to words that reflect concepts appealing to me: 1. eclogue 2. denouement 3. cynosure 4. pianoforte 5. palimpsest 6. onomatopoeia 7. riparian 8. inglenook 9. petrichor 10. lilt 11. arcadian 12. vintage 13. Jenny what else but my idol Jane Austen's nickname :-) Share your Thursday Thirteen list with Megan and Janet .

Breach and a basket

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Breach A tag follows Films based on true stories get my attention. This one does. TCP theme this week is Spies and Espionage . Breach is about Robert Hanssen, an FBI veteran described as "America's most damaging spy." I call Breach a film about a spy who got spied on . Check the trailer: ************* Tag: Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop Please scroll up for Tuesday Couch Potoes Thom of Thom's Place 4 Well Whatever tagged me with Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop. Here's what to do: * Copy and paste these rules to your blog post. * Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want. * Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket. * Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket. * Leave your link at comment section. You can also find the official rules of this Better Basket Blog Hop

Yes, no, and in the air tonight

Musical Monday: In The Air Tonight Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem It was either Don Johnson or someone whose name I didn't pay as much attention to. Globe-trotting, short-term boyfriend mentioned that he briefly worked with one Miami Vice actor. Then off he went out to finish a meeting while I stayed behind to finish viewing bundles of photos. In one snapshot the guy he pointed out as the actor preceded him on the stairs of a plane. My mind ambled along opening scenes of The Real McCoy; the roar of Ferrari as Burnett and Tubbs sped on a dark highway interspersed with Phil Collins' bark-like "oh lord, oh lord, oh lord..." God I must have existed in the 80s already :D Diane hosts Musical Monday. Click here for more music. ********** Monday Mayhem: Yes or No Please scroll up for Musical Monday Today's meme is based on the popular YES or No. We will focus on the internet. Answer yes or no for each question. Because I am so very nice, I will allow you to

A Chance and Class of 1988

Friday's Fave Five: A Second Chance Please scroll down for Friday Photo Flashback This week has been a lot better than last week. One significant thing led to another. I'm happy about and grateful for: a second chance It looks like it is and I consider it to be so after a mistake I made on these anti-virus programs wiped out all my pictures. Most of those I label "precious" haven't been sent to email or stored in a flash drive or posted on any social network site. Everything vanished. I tried hard to be cheerful and carried on but the loss was such a nasty cloud over me last week that I grew two canker sores. Then I worked again on restoring them but without expecting anything anymore. Tweaking and hoping I tried these hidden files that warn you not to open them or your other files would be messed up. I had nothing else left to lose anyway so I risked it. Alas! there they were! The saying "you value a thing when you lose it" had never taken a more dis

Coffee over the classics

Random reads I spent some time on this week: 1. Right in your kitchen Inexpensive yet for optimum health, foods one should eat everyday are leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, yohgurt and onions 2. Red shirts march to US embassy in Bangkok Sabotage or no sabotage and whether the Thai premier steps down or not, I hope protesters' demands don't escalate to the airport again or my out-of-town trips are soo affected 3. Fashion police at the 2010 Oscars They point out what's hideous, outrageous, precocious, precious or atrocious. It's entertaining to keep knowing. 4. Salespeople and insurance you don't need A summary of money-saving tips 5. Out of the Crooked Timber An academic blog (which is no longer updated but) I visit for its archives 6. Screamy window Gwrych Castle. A dose of charmingly eerie stuff 7. Workplace attitudes Avoid toxic co-workers 8. Shooting location tours Feel what it must have been like. I'm interested in the Anne Shirley, Sound of Music

Honor, Awards and a Game

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Made of Honor Awards and a Game/Meme follow. Please scroll down a bit. My pick for this week's TCP theme (wedding movie) is Made of Honor. I like the humor in it. We've all been to several weddings but how many of us can say I've been to one in which the maid of honor was a he? The scene which particularly cracked me up is when the priest mistook the maid of honor for a gay man =) If you're familiar with some of my likes, you'd know why I also love the Scotland location of the wedding. For more of the synopsis click here ; and here's the trailer: Head over to Just About Anything for more wedding movies. ************ My super duper bloggy friend Thom of Thom's Place for Well Whatever and fellow Mom Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts awarded me this Beautiful Blogger award. I have to list seven things about me so here they are: 1. I love wearing jeans more than skirts. 2. One of my favorite colors is purple. 3. I don'

Somebody and Something

Musical Monday: Somebody to love Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem My kiddo discovered 1930s Mickey Mouse clips on youtube. The only trick that could prise him off the computer was to go out to eat his favorite steak. Back at the apartment I tempered his new addiction by making up Mickey's girlfriend, Ella of Frell; that Ella is his complete opposite: Ella obeys, CJ resists. He lasted til Somebody to love , which is thankfully what I particularly wanted to rewatch; my best consolation for not being able to see Alice over the weekend. Diane of Good Mourning, Glory! hosts Musical Monday. Click here for more music. ************* Monday Mayhem: The Something Meme Please scroll up for Musical Monday Name something you do every day Hang out for a few minutes at my favorite sites Name something someone else calls you Anastasia Name something that irritates the heck out of you online. Spam Name something that bugs the stuff out of you at a restaurant. Ah... this one! Yeste

Street 55

Here comes Friday! And here we come with our faves: Race cars - that are extremely speedy by design but accident-free because they're stationary in the mall; at least the seats are. CJ enjoyed the rides so much. Although we argued about our time there, I collapsed in laughter beside him while he maneuvered his way through obstacles, between nudges, and into a crash. CJ was so calm amidst my hysterics. He gave me a reproachful look which made me shut up and resumed laughing until I finally regained my poise. Exploring Street 55 An agrestic Bed & Breakfast is a charming surprise in a city like Bangkok, but I find that tiny but very dainty corner most delightful. It sells girly party accessories and looks like a shop from a fairytale. Walking on the grass under the trees with a fuzzy breeze - is a big comfort against the heat. Sorting our trip home Fares increase by the hour; but I'm glad it's only CJ's ticket I had to add a few more hundred bahts to. Mine remaine

Cars and kids

Noticed something awkward or funny in a vehicle? Ceejay's Dad's car has it. The ground floor parking of the Swiss trading company that employs Cj's Dad is reserved for executives. When he parks down there, his car becomes all the more funny-looking. I'm talking about a mickey mouse bumper sticker on it. And something worse than an executive's car with a grinning mouse sticking out the glass is that my computer got infected wiping out all my pictures. Disaster! I'm putting grief on hold. Below is a google idea of my rant. image Between ex-hubster's cars Cj seems drawn to the old one. I know why he prefers the old. It was his refuge when he was a yakking infant. Or ours. When CJ howls in the middle of the night the car is the ultimate solution. It's instant quiet once he's inside. Magic! Cj must have also felt some connection with it because it's what I drove until I was about six months preggy with him. Yesterday Cj wanted to spend anothe