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Street 55

Here comes Friday! And here we come with our faves:

Race cars
- that are extremely speedy by design but accident-free because they're stationary in the mall; at least the seats are. CJ enjoyed the rides so much. Although we argued about our time there, I collapsed in laughter beside him while he maneuvered his way through obstacles, between nudges, and into a crash. CJ was so calm amidst my hysterics. He gave me a reproachful look which made me shut up and resumed laughing until I finally regained my poise.

Exploring Street 55
An agrestic Bed & Breakfast is a charming surprise in a city like Bangkok, but I find that tiny but very dainty corner most delightful. It sells girly party accessories and looks like a shop from a fairytale.

Walking on the grass under the trees with a fuzzy breeze
- is a big comfort against the heat.

Sorting our trip home
Fares increase by the hour; but I'm glad it's only CJ's ticket I had to add a few more hundred bahts to. Mine remained the same as last night's figure. At midday today I closed the deal or risked paying more. The best thing is that my holidays were approved by HR before flights became unaffordable.

"Don't allow yourself to be bored. It's an insult to life"
It's a line from a co-participant's post of yesterday's Thursday's Thirteen. Boredom has been the reason I began blogging. I have been enjoying the experience ever since and thankful for online friends. Here's hoping the insult is now redressed.

Susanne hosts Friday's Fave Five. Head over to Living to Tell the Story for more faves.


Melli said…
You know... little Luz loves those race car things too! She's too little to reach the pedals so one of us has to sit and push the gas while she sits on our lap and steers! It's hysterical! Truly! I totally get you lack of composure!!!

Street 55 sounds like a place I would LOVE to visit. As a matter of fact, Bangkok sounds like a place I would LOVE to visit! Ahhhhhh... I'll add it to me list...

You know... I am so rarely BORED ... it's not only an insult to LIFE - it's an insult to God! He gives us SO much that there is really no reason to EVER be bored! When it does happen, I usually find it's due more to my MOOD than to lack of something to do.

Hazel... I have never SEEN (or even felt) a "fuzzy" breeze! I am sO trying to imagine it!
Carrie said…
That's very interesting that travel fares increase by the hour.

The race car experience sounds...kinda hilarious. =D Sounds like CJ had a ton of fun!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!
Lisa notes... said…
I always learn something new on your blog. I love seeing little differences in cultures, but feelings are the same everywhere we go. Hope you have a great weekend!
Hazel said…
Melli, no you wouldn't have seen or felt a fuzzy breeze because the adjective is according to me and must not have been used by someone else, lol... In the dictionary it's used to describe logic or duck among others but I used it with hair-like parachutes of a dandelion in mind, when they're wind -blown

Certainly I was bored and sometimes could still feel bored, (not at blogging though) but we wear different shoes obviously, so different perspectives there

Carrie, travel fares increasing by the hour is normal around here :)
Anonymous said…
Excellent FFF my friend. A fuzzy breeze...hmmm first I've ever heard of that one LOL But it fits. I'm shocked that fares increase by the hour. Do they start off cheap then?
LeAnn said…
"Don't allow yourself to be bored. It's an insult to life" Love the quote! What a great time.
Hazel said…
Lisa, differences make us all interesting

Thom, yes, they do

LeAn, love it too :)
Brenda said…
I like that last line about being bored, I rather tend to agree, no room for boredom in my life either!

Cool grass on a hot day is wonderful!
Susanne said…
The first one made me smile. I can just imagine it. My girl when she was small did the same thing and I was cracking up the whole time she was driving and she was so intense. LOL. Too funny.
What a blessing kids are -- even when we're frustrated with them, they end up dissolving us in tears. I can just see the scene with the cars with MY four boys, a while ago.

Just LOVE that quote about life and boredom!
Happy weekend.
Anya said…
Cj is such a lovely boy :-)
Tell him he can come to us for a vacation LOL

Have a nice sunday :))))))
Unknown said…
Been missing you on Sunday Stealing.
Just to say hi and wishing you well.

Happy SS!

Have a blessed Sunday!


<a href='">SUNDAY STEALING</A>

Anonymous said…
Happy Sunday!
Willow said…
I too am rarely bored. I just can't imagine-- I have so many books to read, and so much yarn to spin!

Your trip to the mall with CJ sounds like so much fun!

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