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Honor, Awards and a Game

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Made of Honor
Awards and a Game/Meme follow. Please scroll down a bit.

My pick for this week's TCP theme (wedding movie) is Made of Honor. I like the humor in it. We've all been to several weddings but how many of us can say I've been to one in which the maid of honor was a he? The scene which particularly cracked me up is when the priest mistook the maid of honor for a gay man =) If you're familiar with some of my likes, you'd know why I also love the Scotland location of the wedding. For more of the synopsis click here; and here's the trailer:

Head over to Just About Anything for more wedding movies.


My super duper bloggy friend Thom of Thom's Place for Well Whatever and fellow Mom Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts awarded me this Beautiful Blogger award. I have to list seven things about me so here they are:

1. I love wearing jeans more than skirts.
2. One of my favorite colors is purple.
3. I don't mind spending sunrise or sunset in book and antique stores.
4. Nowadays I dine out more than I dine in, and I'm enjoying it because I'm lazy with dirty dishes.
5. I consider a year not very exciting if I didn't get my butt on a jet.
6. My favorite female author is Jane Austen.
7. I think helicopter pilots and nuclear engineers are sexy.

The following awards are also passed on to me by Thom:

Thank you very much Thom and Tetcha for these awards. It is so thoughtful and sweet of you. Now I'm passing these awards to:

Rossel of Topics on Earth
Nuts of Embrace Life
Shydub of Worth's Road


And now we play a game/meme called Association. I want to thank Author Alice Audrey for inviting me to join this meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Anyone can play, whether they have been tagged or not.
2. Include the rules and logo in your post.
3. Copy out all the responses that were made before you.
4. Link to each of the people who responded before you.
5. Put in your response. Your response can be as little as a single word or as much as 100 words. It can be a word, a phrase, an image, a song, a video, a story, or a short rant.
6. Tag anyone you would like to challenge to play this game. You do not have to tag anyone.
7. You can do this any time you run across it, even if you were one of the previous responders.

Alice said: Excitement

Hootin Anni said: Thrill!

My association for thrill would be: Suspense

I challenge: Thom. Anyone who comes across this meme/game, play along if you have time. It's fun :)

Alice hosts Association Meme.


Anonymous said…
Congrats on the awards and those you passed them on to :) I liked that trailer. It might be a movie I would enjoy :) A good humorous movie :) Thanks for sharing :)
Unknown said…
Excellent! Thanks for playing.
Hazel said…
Thanks, Thom, and try watching Made of Honor. It's hilarious!

Alice, I like this game and I enjoyed playing it today. I just wish I had more time to keep playing this week.
Rossel said…
why almost all wedding movies are hilarious? haven't seen this one but i am sure it will make me laugh.

thanks for the award. will grab this for sure.

Topics on Earth
Mom’s Ups and Downs
Hazel said…
Rossel, maybe because the tone is generally lighter at weddings and it tends to breed laughter at some point :)
Chris said…
thanks for the award! :D

and i liked made of honor too :D
nuts said…
thanks and congrats for the award.. will post this in my blog later... so sweet of you to tag me this..

have not watched this film but i think this movie is hilarious!
Hazel said…
Chris and Nuts, I enjoyed your TCP entries as well as passing these awards to you :)
Mys said…
Thanks for the awards and I am truly at awe since I don't know what I did to deserve them.

Your movie pick is something I really enjoyed watching as well. Plus it stars Mcdreamy so I can't complain.
Hazel said…
You don't? That's interesting *wink* Just normal stuff Mys, nothing too goosebumpy to not know that they come with blogging culture sometimes.
Anya said…
ConCATulations on all awards :-)
I love your answers
I wear also everyday jeans and my favorite color is purple too yeahhhh....
(But its a trendy color here in Dutch and the most is purple ;)

Thanks to think on us !!!!!!!!

You are lazy with dirty dishes :
(buy a dishwasher :-)

((hugs)) to all
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)
Genefaith said…
haven't yet watched Made of Honor kakaiba to "maid" na lalaki..he..he..mine is here:
Hazel said…
Anya, congratulations to you! Maybe one day when I'm homebound for good I'll buy a dishwasher :-)

Genejosh, yup. there's a little spin to the verb
kimmyschemy said…
i didn't have the chance to watch it, it sounds good, though..
jo.frougal said…
Congrats for the award!
Not too fond of this movie, but it had its moments. ;) I agree the location was lovely!
Please see mine here.
Unknown said…
Hi Hazel, I love this movie Im a fan of Mr mc dreamy hehehe.Mine is here

btw, thanks fort he award i'll grab it later after bloghopping. So nice of you you to think of me.
☆Mama Ko☆ said…
Finish posting the awards Haze. Thanks again
Anya said…
Hi Hazel
Yes you can copy all you want :))))

Kareltje is tooooo FAT
I know and he is on diet
but it works not hahahaha....

tje is typical Dutch
it means little
I call him also Karel because he is fat hahahahaha....

Thanks again for all awards :)))

Have a nice day :)

(I have sunday birthday
I receive a new number the 5
I don't like that :((((((
Anonymous said…
How did I miss this challenge. Will be up on Saturday. Thank you my friend :) I'm so sorry I didn't see this :)
kamz said…
hi hazel, thanks for passing on the awards to me. appreciate them! will post them in a while.

that's interesting... a male for a maid of honor. hmmm.. watching the trailer made me realize that i already saw this movie. i can't forget patrick dempsey here.. a really funny movie which i enjoyed immensely. reminds me of my bestfriend. :D

thanks for joining us this week too. next week, we will feature Spies & COnspiracy movies. till then, take care and have a great weekend!
Unknown said…

I love HEART My best friend's wedding.WOW.. pilots and nuclear engineers SO SEXY! So, are CHEFS! My hubby is one!

Happy Saturday!



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