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Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

1. Mother’s Day. Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day on the same day as the Queen’s birthday, August 12th. My girl friend and I celebrated in a posh mall, giggled over girl talk, and ate like there was never any bulging tummy to worry about.

2. "Good things come in threes." That's what my friend (the one in no.1) says she read or heard somewhere. She just had a family reunion, unexpectedly met someone nice and got hired to do a job where she can practise her writing hobby and at the same time work in a place that suits her medical degree. Her news about what’s happening is a ray of sunshine to my not very bright days. I am happy for her.

3. Attending Cj’s school dance. It was a presentation by kids to honor mothers, and my first time to witness my son on stage. I was thrilled. He was very shy; I didn't even get a decent capture, but I don't care. The fact that he finished dancing is enough for me and I'm proud of him.

4. Acting civil with the Ex. After Cj’s dance, Ex treated me to a late lunch at MK Restaurant. All three of us looked like family again. This time Ex and I talked like friends. He spoke about liquid assets, interest rates - topics I don't know much about, but the air remained friendly and that to me seemed like a good sign that we can ever talk civil again.

5. LOST Seasons 4 and 5. Ex and I may have this animosity between us, but we dare not imply it in front of Cj. At least we try to behave our best to keep Cj away from noticing something more negative than the present circumstances we are in. Out of the blue he offered to lend me his LOST DVDs after I mentioned in passing that I haven't watched it since 2008. I was surprised but I swallowed my pride and accepted the DVDs. I hope it somehow was a step towards character improvement.


Susanne said…
Happy Mother's Day! Is that a picture of you in #4? How wonderful #4 and #5 were to read. Good for you two that you are making the effort to be your best in front of your child. You need to be applauded for that.
Lisa notes... said…
Sounds like you made the most of a situation that could have been bad. Good for you! Thanks for sharing.
Barbara H. said…
Sounds like a fun Mother's Day!

My parents are divorced, and things were pretty tense sometimes, but when things go amicably it is so good for all involved. Glad you had some good moments there.
Brenda said…
Its a wonderful feeling to mend relationships, even on a superficial level. How nice to see your son dance, sounds like a good week.
genejosh said…
sis ang ganda mo! love your attire school namin nagprogram sila but I have my class..he..he..not able to watch it..

Glad to hear sis that ok naman yong naging date nyo as family...wala na bang pag-asa sis?....he..he..parang nakakakilig kasi pag may 2nd time romance, mas romantic daw...(pasensya sa tanong sis)...
ellen b. said…
Happy Mother's Day to you. How nice that you got to see your son perform. I'm glad things went well with your ex and yourself. Hope you have a wonderful weekend...
As your son gets older you and your ex will never regret being decent to each other. It is one of the kindest things you can do for your son. And, I know it can be difficult so congratulations.
Anya said…
Happy mothersday Hazel :)))))
It was very nice to read your story
I am happy to read things are going well with your son.
You do it almost alone .....
and you are doing it great :))))
Anonymous said…
Bulging Tummy...too funny. Ooo I'm glad you have the old LOST DVD's I've got all seasons as well. I love that show. I've also heard things come in 3's. I've always wondered how true that is :) Wonderful FFF. Have a great weekend :)

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