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Separate Cameras

Curiousity and obligation were two reasons I showed up for the first time at Cj's school last week. I am opposed to ex-hubster's idea of sending Cj to school at 3 years of age. If he had his way Cj would have started school at 2. "It's your game, dude. You play it all by yourself," was my quiet annoyance at what's happening. So it has been mainly ex alone involved. As Cj turned 5, I began warming up to taking part in our scholar's activities. When he told me that Cj and his classmates would dance especially for moms, I finally decided, 'ok that's my game now, I'm coming.'

The top of the main school building was ablaze with the peeping afternoon sun when I arrived

During the performance, I chose to take it all in rather than work the camera. After the dance the kids posed once more. Cj, far left, was all shyness

We proceeded to a nearby Tesco for a late lunch at MK Restaurant

The little dancer is a picky eater; plays with his chopsticks. His main course is milk still

Ex-hubster picked up the bill and without further ado we parted ways, back to our separate lives. Did you just hear Phil Collins? Lol. Oh, it's so typical, love (read: divorce) leads to isolation.... We did sit side by side for awhile. When Cj appeared on stage we flew apart, and documented our little fellow's moment separately.


Anonymous said…
Great photos. I love 'em. Glad you went to it. The lunch looks great. And what makes it even better is you didn't have to pay :)
Hazel said…
I wasn't paying, Thom! lol!
Inday said…
Hazel, you are still blessed. My ex never have had anything to do with my girls. Anyway, I hope you had fun. The food looks yummy to me!
Unknown said…
cute kids and yummy food. i hope your kid feels reassured still even when you and your ex don't live together anymore.
Hazel said…
hi Bonnie Bonsai, ex-hubsters seem to have different styles of playing their role as exes, don't they?

hi Luna, i hope he does, and yeah the food was yummy :-)
Arlene said…
am sure zel cj enjoyed their activity even though he was all that shyness. the food photo let me drool. i thought you will include a photo of you and cj with the P. :)

thank you so much for joining this week, zel!

thanks for your comment in the main blog. i will reply over there ha. check it out sometime.
Anya said…
The food looks very yummie..... :)

( He has special for you clean his toes .... LOL)
Hazel said…
Hi Len, I did think of posting a pic of me and Cj and of ex but nahhhh... a bit time-consuming

Hi Anya, with the sauce, the food was even yummier :-)
Willa said…
i love watching kids perform, the more flaws they make, the lovelier to watch them.
and I do admire and love your lifestyle, I mean, you fail to stay as a couple (don't get me wrong,please...) but you are so great to be CJ's parents. so awesome!!!!
Hazel said…
Hi Willa, I agree about more flaws, the lovelier to watch - the privilege of innocence :-)
Ebie said…
Hi Hazel, I think 5 is the right age to start school. I could see CJ's shyness, but I am glad he did perform. The food looks delicious! Have a great weekend!

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