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A goofy, happy birthday

~ head over to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for more faves ~

Another week. Another set of faves :)

1. Mozart. I rang Mama for a quick chat and my firstborn yapped loudly. I feel so happy when I hear him in the background during phone chats; it lessens the ache from missing him terribly.

2. Apartment restaurant. There are times I am just not into preparing meals. This week I am exactly that. The restaurant five floors below is only a dial away. Their staff deliver your order right to your door in a few minutes.

3. Clinic Clear. I seem to be forever looking for a shampoo that can command my hair soft and light. It's a positive surprise to notice my hair behaving in a way I want it to after experimenting with Clinic Clear. The price also made me smile - it's very cheap.

4. Birthday present. My friend and I spent a fair amount of time in a Malaysian cosmetics shop testing products. I noticed her admiring one particular tube, but put it back on the shelf. Then we proceeded to Hip Coffee. She mentioned her approaching birthday and I knew right away what to give her!

5. Food and fellowship. Wednesday came. I rushed from work to her birthday dinner at another friend's home. Former classmates were there. The bonding felt great. I appreciate the birthday girl's effort to include my food wish on the menu. And I'm glad she was delighted to have the hair lotion :-)

The birthday girl is the one wearing green, goofing. She's 3rd and I'm 4th from the right. I'm sooo getting killed for the second time today -)


Willow said…
What a fun week, especially the birthday party! (And you're both so cute!)
Susanne said…
Your week made me smile. I love when I can come upon the perfect gift for someone!
Lisa notes... said…
How nice to have that food delivery option. It would be very tempting to me. Looks like you were having lots of fun with your friends. Wonderful.
momstheword said…
Welcome to Alicia's meme. Glad you joined us!

So your dog is a poodle? I have a toy poodle and a beagle. I'll bet you miss your dog alot!

Great birthday photo and looks like you had fun!
Anonymous said…
LOL...the second time today your getting killed? LOL poor thing. Run for the hills my friend. What a great picture and nope you aren't bald LOL. Excellent FFF. The puppy is cute. Have a great Friday :) Aloha
Brenda said…
How nice to have a place that delivers food right in your building. We used to have one across the street that was economical. The benefit of living in a large city! You all look so happy in the BD picture :)
nanay said…
Nice knowing you. Thanks for the visit. My daughter's family is in Hatyai.
Marg said…
Sounds like you are always celebrating something. I love your quick delivery food options. And then Mozart? How dare we call our animals Mozart? (joke) I just went to Salzburg to learn about the musical composer Mozart.
Have a fun week.
Jerralea said…
I'm jealous that you can have food delivered to your door! I live out in the country and I have to drive at least 15 miles to get takeout!

It's great you were paying attention to something your friend wanted when you were shopping. I'm sadly lacking in observation abilities ...

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