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Part of the family

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It seems usual, if not normal, or except in other cases, that whoever is close to the mom is also close to her child. As I have no siblings, I consider Vilma, one of my closest cousins, my sister. By virtue of her weight in my heart and her proximity to me right now, she automatically becomes Cj's favorite aunt. Vilma's late mom was also my favorite aunt.

Whenever possible Vilma and I get together during weekends to eat our favorite pinoy foods and chat ourselves til morning while our boys play. Vilma's boyfriend is great with Cj too. He's not in the pic but I want to mention him because I appreciate the way he bonds with Cj. The picture below was during Cj's 5th birthday. I'm third and Vilma is second from the right. Her sons Kakoy (white shirt, leaning on her) and Janjan (black and white stripes) are Cj's closest cousins. The infant on the far left is Cj's third cousin. The rest of these lovely people are friends and their kids.

This is Dr. S, ex-hub's only brother and Cj's only paternal uncle. We have no contact but I am informed about what he does for Cj now and then - i.e. being Cj's major supplier of toys (according to darling ex lol).

When Cj was in PI, this uncle was frequently the one on the phone talking with my mother to check how Cj was. I appreciate the gesture and I value his presence in my son's life

And this is Ruby Jane, Cj's godmom. Her twin Lyra is my goddaughter. Ruby Jane and Lyra's mom and mine are close friends.

Sometimes I meet Jane when she's not on duty at
Yanhee, and I find myself trying to make valid answers to her question everytime we meet, "where's Cj?" because all those 'sometimes' when we bump into each other, Cj just happens to be not with me.

Work and distance have so far kept Cj from bonding with his godparents, (I don't have a pic of his godfather) but I'm confident they will catch up in God's own time.

These beautiful people make up Cj's moral support base. I am grateful and glad to have them around

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Anya said…
Very lovely pictures all,
I see you and Cj :)
Are you there sitting by
Mc Donalds
( Big Mac yummie... ;)
Hazel said…
Hi Anya, where are we on the pic? lol!

I caught a glimpse of your latest post; heading over to The Netherlands to check that out :-)
Willa said…
Regardless of CJ's situation (I hope you know what I mean and don't get offended) there are still so many people that truly love him.
Happy Mommy Moments!
Clarissa said…
CJ is lucky to be surrounded by people who loves him the most!!They're a blessing to CJ!!^_^

Happy Mommy Moments and thanks for dropping by,Mommy Hazel!!^_^
Meikah said…
Wonderful people you got there. :) Cj is one lucky kid!
Hazel said…
Willa, kaya nga siguro astig akong nakipagdiborsyo dahil may sinasandalang pamilya't mga kaibigan kaliwa't kanan, lol! And regarding Cj's situation - I wouldn't be announcing it in the blogosphere if it's something to be offended about. I'm more worried about what I say to/about other people. It reflects who you are, doesn't it? :-)

Beyond Motherhood, happy MM to you too!
Your kid is so lucky to have such caring godparents... It's always a blessing to have such caring friends and relatives.

Hope you can visit my entry.
Hazel said…
Hi Clarissa and Meikah,
'...they're a blessing and they're wonderful' Well said, Mommies. Hugs!
Hazel said…
Hi Sassy Mom, yes he is.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Wow, CJ is very lucky to have so many angels around him and that cares for him...

Here is my entry
sweet_shelo said…
Thanks God for the wonderful people around us who love our kids...
jeng said…
Friends can be considered family too and CJ is blessed that her mom is surrounded by wonderful people who also loves him. ; )
nuts said…
happy mommymoments!

people around us that we consider a family is a true blessings that God has given us.
onlinemommy said…
Even though you don't have a sibling, God is still good to you for He provide you some relatives whom you can treat as brothers and sisters.

Happy MM!
Chris said…
its great that even without a sibling you have people around you who cares for Cj!

thanks for joining... :)
admin said…
It's great to have families who loves and care for your child. Enjoy your weekend! Great pictures and thanks for visiting my entry :)
genejosh said…
kahit wala mang auntie o uncle si Cj sa side mo, he's still blessed to have your cousin Vilma as a doting aunt for him and his "toy-provider" uncle....he..he..

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Mommy Liz said…
Even if CJ doesn't have a lot of pictures with your family, he is still lucky to have relatives and friends who love him and I believe that he will grow up to be a good person since he is being raised by a mom like you...Have a great weekend.
Tetcha said…
What's comforting for us parents is the fact that there are other people who love our kids as their own. I hope you can visit my entry, too:
pehpot said…
that's the good thing about ninong and ninang.. maasahan mo talaga.kaya nga ako pagkukuha ng ninang at ninong ung feel ko talaga.. unlike ung ibang parents na ang batayan sa pagkuha e ung kapal ng wallet hehe

we were trying to capture a nice posed or rehearsed photo sana kaso nga riot sila lagi eh hehe

Thanks for visiting my MM entry :)

Make or Break
Enchie said…
its nice knowing that Cj is blessed with wonderful Godparents :)

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