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Iron Man

Small Talk Six: Red, white, blue
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Today's STS topic is 6 things you love that are red, white or blue. These are some of my faves:





Back Talk

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Weekend Funnies: Iron Man
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Ever wondered what Iron Man does for his living?



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(courtesy of OM2)

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Happy weekend, everyone!


Thom said…
Excellent list my friend. i love 5 and 6 the best. And I just cracked up about Iron Man. I don't know why I didn't think about that LOL> Well done. Have a great weekend :)
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, this is just too good a play on Gotta love it.

My 'Ninja' Turtle
Rossel said…
i love Iron Man's pic. lol!
Hazel said…
Thom, I didn't think about it either. And after I scrolled down and saw what he does, I was still kinda... he does what?...... LOL!

Anni, yeah.... I love it when a play on words gets funny like this:D

Rossel, says it all, doesn't it? :D
Bing (PinkLady) said…
wow, iron man in his best form ever! LOL! i love #6 in your list. happy weekend!
Indrani said…
Great ones Hazel, the third one is tempting. ;)
Hazel said…
Bing, you'd wonder what would make him look his best... there he!

Indrani, i got some of no. 3 :)
moorebloglife said…
Very cute for the weekend funnies it gave me my morning laugh!
Rossel said…
hi Hazel! i have an award for you. you can check it here...

thank you and enjoy blogging.
Ebie said…
Haz, what a suspense scrolling down to see Mr. Iron man!!!

Love pearls always, love them in any form and color!

P.S. Busy ug kapoy ko,kay ga relieve ko ug 2 ka tawo ga vacation. They are back now so I will be blogging by week's end.
Hazel said…
moore, i'm glad it made you laugh

rossel, thanks, i'll pick it up maya-maya

Ate Eb, duha pa jud ang gi coveran nmo, makabusy gyud diay. glad you're back. visual treats na naman :D

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