Thursday, 25 November 2010

Music box

When I was in college a cousin and her boyfriend gave me a musical jewelry box. It was shiny black with silver flower inlay. The deep red interior revealed suede-wrapped compartments where pieces of jewelry could be cozily kept. (Photo courtesy)

A melody automatically played when the box was opened. It transported me to Fairyland. Feeorins and Asparases danced; billowing ruffles in lavender air interspersed with crushes and course requirements. I spent many moments with that gift charmed by its daintiness.

Soon after graduation I relocated to another country. Life rolled by with two decades of work, relationships and events. But I did not forget the memory of keepsakes that brought me quiet joy, that amazing music box in particular. At times when I can I stroll around cyberspace to look at music boxes, and nostalgia swells spontaneously.

As December with its trimmings approaches I long for something reminiscent of what I used to have. A music box for Christmas sounds like a wonderful object to fancy. It will look perfect under my tree. I did a search which led me to several categories. They are all beautiful I could hardly narrow them down. But I certainly had fun choosing.

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