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Music and versatility

Musical Monday: Music of my Heart, NSYNC and Gloria Estefan
Monday's Music Moves Me: Coward of the County, Kenny Rogers
Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem

Until last night after watching the film Music of the Heart, I listened but never paid attention to NYSYNC and Gloria Estefan's Music of my Heart. The lyrics are beautiful. This song moves me today.

Amanda @ Bloggin with Amanda hosts Musical Monday

Over at Monday's Music Moves Me there's a country music party. Well, who else to feature but my favoritest Kenny Rogers. I can't name a song of his that I don't like. Coward of the County has good advice, "You don't have to fight to be a man" and some thought to ponder, "Sometimes you got to fight when you're a man."

XmasDolly of XmasDolly, Lori of Shewbridges of Central Florida, Larry of Cakeblast, and Callie of JAmerican Spice host Monday's Music Moves Me


Monday Mayhem: Versatile Blogger Award
Things you have never mentioned before:

1. I have several bucket lists, but I don't blog about them unless I have achieved them.

2. I am outta this profession I am currently doing first chance I get.

3. I am reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol during breaks at work this week.

4. I can't wait for Harry Potter 7; less than two weeks now....

5. I'm thinking of playing the piano again.

6. My very first golf instructor is my ex-BIL.

7. I found that the cost of doing a PhD is almost the same as learning how to fly a plane. (local PPL)

The last 3 questions of today's Monday Mayhem are donated questions for Thursday Thunks which seems to be possibly having issues acquiring questions....simply answer each prompt with a usable question. Thursday Thunks appreciates random and silly questions as much as the real kind.
Align Left
8. Comparing , such as apples and oranges. *pass*

9. Politicians. Who are your not-so favorite people?

10. The oddest food you've ever heard of or tasted. What have either assaulted or delighted your palate?

Harriet @ Harriet and Friends hosts Monday Mayhem


Xmas Dolly said…
I saw this video a very long time ago, and it moved me then, and it moves me today. Fabulous choice. Look how young they are. Thanks for sharing, and CONGRATS on being in our Spotlight Dance at Monday's Music Moves Me. Hope to see you next week too, when it's Freebie Week! Have a good one. I'm already following you!
Hazel said…
Hi Dolly, thanks for alerting me to the theme this week which I completely missed. Sorrrrryyy. I have just updated this post.
Stacy Uncorked said…
Great choices this week, Hazel! :)

MMMM: Celebrity
Anonymous said…
good picks for this week...
I am Harriet said…
That's cool about your bucket lists. Don't get me started on golf instructors.

Thanks for playing!
Hazel said…
Thanks, Stacy and Coopernicus
Hazel said…
Harriet, golf! lol! It's good I didn't say I would be actually camping out in some driving range soon... *wink*
JamericanSpice said…
Ooh I love me some Kenny Rogers! I haven't heard him in such a long time! Thanks for introducing his seductiveness to me again!


And NSync and Gloria are just fine :)

Following you and thanks for joining our meme
NSYNC is my favorite boy band I have posted them often. Even tho I am in my late 40's I listened to them while my girls were growing up just love em'! Gloria? Gloria ROCKS!
I love country and Kenny Rogers is a fave I think I know every song he has ever done! Thanks for movin' me Hazel!
Run DMT said…
I haven't heard Coward of the County in FOREVER! Wow. Of course, you gotta love some NSYNC. I love me some JT. :-) Great picks!

Happy MM!
Xmas Dolly said…
Believe it or not I cam back to hear your song again, and watch that cool video. They are so good, but how nice of you to put up Kenny Rodgers. I cannot believe I forgot about him. He is "MR. COUNTRY" for heavens sakes! Him & Dolly Pardon. Shame on me! Oh well, maybe next time! I'm so glad you remembered though. You do know you were chose to co-host in our "SPOTLIGHT DANCE", RIGHT? Well, CONGRATS AGAIN! Now to hear more stuffs! Have a great day!
ArtSnark said…
interesting pics - never know what I'll find when I pop over here which is just how I like it ;D
Self Sagacity said…
I have never heard Gloria and NSync sung together. That's quite a song pick. :-)
reanaclaire said…
Hello Hazel,
Can you drop me an email.. it is in regarding to some paid reviews.. thanks!
Anya said…
Music for the early morning ;)
I just wake up
and hear your music ...... :)))))

Have a lovely day

Kareltje =^.^=

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