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So little

Mommy Moments is a meme where Moms muse about motherhood and show off their kids.

Joys, worries, disappointments, hopes, challenges and successes are shared.

Chris hosts this meme every Friday at The Mommy Journey.

Today's topic is so little. I dug through what's left of CJ's offline albums and found one I scanned last night. This is one of CJ's earliest photos. He's just hours old. The first time I looked at my trophy, I was slightly aghast: CJ looked like a lizard. So you guessed it - little, tiny everything. Too little perhaps for a silly first-timer's vanity.

CJ with his tiny self is pictured here with his paternal uncle who cradled him away from camera flashes. I obviously didn't do research on photographing infants, but I'm glad I have this shot as I don't know when are they ever going to pose again together.

CJ is not letting his recent, little obsession off his cheeky grasp. He takes it with him everywhere. I sing him, "CJ has an Ultraman, Ultraman, Ultraman..." to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

And these are CJ's little men; his little sidekicks during his 6th swimming birthday party. This was when I fulfilled a promise I made to him on his 5th birthday - no more girly decors on his next cake, What was Mom thinking! and HK Disneyland to compensate for those flowers on the 5th cake that he snubbed.

To be honest I did buy one of those odd, little toys in HK to avoid a tantrum, aggh.... Boys!


MaiThreeBoyz said…
Aggghh, boys!I know, right. I have 3 of them! Those photos with his uncle are really precious, especially if the uncle is camera shy, hehe. CJ has really grown. Let me guess, is he also fond of Tom and Jerry?
Hazel said…
Ahhh it feels good to have someone with the same secret :D

The uncle is usually the one taking photos, not posing. And you guessed right about T & J.
Phoebe said…
I expect my one year old boy to have his little side kicks too sooner. haha! visit my first mommy moments post too! thanks!
Phoebe said…
It's at

thank you!
Hazel said…
Hi Phoebe, first MM post in awhile, like mine? Of course I'll visit :)
 gmirage said…
ayy, boys and toys! they tend to like what's in...

Hazel said…
between? lol!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Hahaha lizard ba naman eh but look at him now, a giant handsome man hehehe.. Love the cake!

Tiny weeny Burritos
warr_shee said…
boys really love toys
Hazel said…
chubs, ngayon butiki pa rin lalu na kung pasaway :D

Anne, they do :D
Mel_Cole said…
I have a 17 month old boy too. They sure love to mess around with their toys. Lovely baby photo and cake.

My Mommy Moments
JonaBQ said…
he sure was so tiny in this photo. he snubbed the cake coz of the tiny guards at the side. haha!

Unknown said…
Boys are always boys. they like to mess around. Mine still want to mess all the things up and dont want to clean it up

You may view my entry here
Chris said…
our boys love those little toys... :) thanks for joining us this week hazel, so glad to see you again!
kimmyschemy06 said…
cute little baby you got there!
Ebie said…
Haz, Zee looked like a frog when she was born, at 4.15# and 21 inches, ngek! I had always wondered why I gained all that weight at pregnancy and did not pass it on to her.

Boys and toys are inseparable!
Hazel said…
Chris, I'm glad to have joined MM again. I got disoriented with days last week. Somehow I mistook Saturdays for Fridays.

Kim, thanks

Ate Eb, but Zee is such a princess now. CJ hasn't outgrown his lizard limbs yet. Hopefully soon.

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