Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hazel hurricanes

"My dear Mr Hennet have you heard?"  Holly hollered from her hibiscus hedge, "Helen's haunted house on Hazel Hill is let at last?"

I'm no writer. But if by some heady mystique I get poked by The Muses, that is how my parody will begin. So while that imagination is put on hold I do something else....

Exploring namesakes is quite a marvelous past time. And when you discover that they have passion you share or admire you could go on hours. I always thought Hazel sounded too soft, too feminine; like "whereabouts is the aura of girl power in it?" Well, hello happy Hazel heart. These Hazels are hurricanes in the world of authoring and writing. A sample of work each Hazel is attributed to is provided after the name with a link for more of their accomplishments.

1. Hazel Hutchins - TJ series
2. Hazel Edwards - There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake
3. Hazel V. Carby - Race Men
4. Hazel Farrell - Truth Among Women
5. Hazel Henderson - Building a win-win world: life beyond global economic warfare
6. Hazel Holt - Sheila Mallory series
7. Hazel Rochman - Somehow tenderness survives: stories of South Africa
8. Hazel Wilson Henson - Something of his Own
9. Hazel Menehira - The Seer Stone
10. Hazel Statham - The Portrait
11. Hazel Rowley - Tete-a-tete
12. Hazel Dixon-Cooper - Rotten Day series
13. Hazel Denning - True Hauntings: spirits with a purpose

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Alice Audrey said...

You're in good company.

- Alice

Hazel said...

That's right. I'm no longer planning to change my name :D

anthonynorth said...

That's a lot of Hazels. nice one.

Xakara said...

What wonderful company to be in! Definitely keep your name. :)

Happy TT,

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Brenda ND said...

Very cool. I didn't so many Hazel's were literary. :)

Hazel said...

Neither did I. This was a lovely surprise.

Rikki said...

Oh, I love this idea of namesakes. I think I will have to use it for another T13.
Happy (belated) TT!