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Filipino Store in Bangkok

Look at my loot! I can't believe my luck. Two days ago, a friend and I went to the Filipino Store in Silom. I should have blogged about this right away but I was busy eating!

For someone who misses the food of home very much, this is palatal rapture.

And guess what was my appetizer for lunch today -- the blessed bagoong! (absent in the photos; fridge-tucked away) With tomatoes aplenty, my alimentary canal was probably the most indulged in the Sukhumvit 101 area today.

The sopas is for my kiddo. And I'm getting myself a big, pink fish and some veggies for the sinigang sa sampalok.

Last night I noshed on pancit canton chilli mansi.

A familiar yum that went with routine clicking on the keyboard made a very delightful evening!

That was one time I wished I had Filipino neighbors in the apartment.

The sunflower crackers and about two packets of noodles are free. But the best part really is the price. These goodies are affordable. I just love their business common sense.

They posted their address on friendster, or you can google "filipino store in Bangkok" for more info.

This sari-sari store has been existing since 2007, but because I flew home twice that year, I didn't look for it. Now that I'm not planning to be in Pinas for several months more, I am gratified to have the store within reach.


Rona said…
miss ko na rin boy bawang! arte ko andito lang naman ako sa PI hahaha! tagal ko na kasi di kumain at baka magka-UTI ako ulit. Daming food :P
Hazel said…
boy bawang naku! dami pang cheese sarap sarap sarap! hay naku Rona, tuwang-tuwa byote ko sa new discovery na 'to :))
Genefaith said…
sis salamat lahat fave ko..yehheeeyyyy bili ako jan, ang layo naman oi...

thanks for sharing...
Genefaith said…
kumusta naman ang price? ok lng ba kasi sa penang x3 eh...he..he..
Hazel said…
oo nga sis, malayo sa inyo but if you're flying into Bangkok, i guess there's a bus right from suvanabhumi to saladaeng where the store is.

price is affordable. a pack of noodles costs about 10-15 baht, the spaghetti sauce is 45 baht, the vienna sausage is 60 baht, and so on. that's the idea
Hazel said…
oh, by the way, while you are shopping, you could hear charice pempengco too :)

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