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Mommy Moments: Hi Dad ;)

mommy moments

It's Dad's turn huh...*chuckle*.... I actually opened some drawers to see if I can find CDs that contain photos of Cj with his dad. Nothing left. Those huge albums of Cj's first year - containing lots of shots with his dad starring in them are in Pinas. I'll make do with the ones I have right now.

This was taken during my graduation. Boring, I know. But I invited him because no. 1 - he financed the study, international gradschool does not come in cheap, show some gratitude, girl :-); no. 2 - he is my son's father in spite of everything. We may not be living under the same roof but as far as Cj is concerned, this Ex is a good dad. When we were together, he used to come home from work at 9PM the earliest, but when Cj arrived there was a miracle on our street - by 6PM his car is already parked in the garage!

Cj's dad is a hard player in the corporate world. Always in deep concentration on his job, I'll be damned if I rang him unless it's about his son. When I dare call him, all I have to do to avoid armageddon is drop his son's name and I "get away with murder." Ex is terribly devoted to his work, a tough, unforgiving, rock n' rolling executive nobody can crack. If there is any consolation in that reality, it should be that he also tries his best to play his role as a dad. (TH in our lingo, ops)

He gave up his Sunday round of golf to attend Cj's birthday. (He had to or I would have killed him :)) He does show up in all of Cj's major activities, and I get teased over and over by family and friends during times like these - you know the usual silly hope of loved ones for two pathetic people to possibly get back, knock on wood, lol! Under the circumstances, the game will have to be played this way. I do my part as a parent, and he does his. While I am pleased with the fact that Cj's education fund from nursery to university is already secured by his dad, I appreciate the time he spends with Cj more than anything.

Way to go, dad!


Willa said…
love the first pic, your son look so handsome in his suit. I guess we can be the worse husband or wife to each other, but we'll try everything to be the best mom and dad ever!!! ;)
Hazel said…
thanks for the words of wisdom, Willa. you're well way ahead on being a mom :)
Genefaith said…
i like the suit of your son! ...I appreciate the way you handle this salute to you sis!
Beth said…
very well said Hazel. I love the way you narrate this. Cj is so blessed to have a father who's a good provider. :) It's good to know that Cj's dad finds time to spend with him. :)
pehpot said…
way to go!

he really looks serious no.. hehe

at bat ganun may knock on wood effect LOL

Here's my daddy moments:)

Make or Break
Hazel said…
ikaw talaga pehpot, para akong loka-loka sa kakaiyak ng Maala-ala Mo Kaya tapos nabasa ko comment mo dito hahahahah!.....

Gene and Beth, there is just so much life after divorce. ex is fine by me as long as he does not forget that he has a son :)
pehpot said…
thanks for dropping by.. you'll find it din.. at least sa susunod alam mo na di ba.. don't look on the same serious face ha LOL

Make or Break
Rona said…
I agree with everybody. No matter what he did in the past, he's still CJ's father and a good provider din. At least he finds time for your son :)
CHE-CHE said…
hi hazel! thanks for dropping by my site :)

you have a handsome son, especially with the suit! parang binata na hehe
Beth Moreno said…
ang formal naman ng son mo...parang i want my son to have a pic like that...haha!

i'm new at the mommy moments...hope you can visit mine. cheers! =)
Mommy Jes said…
wow atleast pag dating sa anak suko sya ehehe =) mabuti okay nmn ang set up nyo ehehe ang sweet nmn ehehehe=) daddy talga tiklo sa ank ehehe =) nweis here's mine -
Hazel said…
@Rona, i'm glad being a husband and a father can be separate roles.

@Che-che, hwag kang maniwala sa suit. naka diaper pa yan when he wore it :))

@Beth Moreno, i would think your son would surely look great in a suit :)

@Jes, korek ka dyan, tiklo ang mga dads sa anak. ano pa kasi magawa nila? anak eh :))
Twinkie said…
One word, COOL!

Your one cool Mom, to a cool son and you're all cool with his dad, who tries (TH - LOL) his best to be a "dad". Bless your heart Hazel. :)
Life's journey said…
Yes I like the first pic also they look cute...Happy Mommy Moments
Unknown said…
Hey thanks for coming by! Stopping in to say hi! Love the first picture. TFS
elapot said…
sorry for the late visit... anyway, your circumstances may be different, but one thing's for sure, dad loves their kids the same way we do :)
Chris said…
Hi! thanks a lot for posting this and sharing with us your story :) daddy moments are really important to our kids :D

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