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Mommy Moments: Special day

mommy moments

With all the work I am half-buried in, each moment I get to spend with my son alone is precious. Lola Philippines is keeping Cj's dedication pictures, (and dear me where could those files be?) so I'm posting shots of special days that are available.

There's no occasion when this picture was taken. Two background facts: Cj is a picky eater and he usually eats only when it's his yaya feeding him. God knows how many times I tried to coax him to eat. One afternoon still on workclothes I took him to the nearest McDonald. Health values aside, I ordered some crispy yummies. Maybe, just maybe he'd open his mouth. And voila! He ate! and I'm the one feeding him. It may sound silly but I was high all day.

A friend's wedding reception went on late thru the nite. Although I was all grins and a semi-chatterbox in the ballroom, my mind was actually home where my little guy was. I came home to find him awake so I swooped him up for a capture which completed my day. Nothing beats feeling a squirming infant on your chest after hours of adult fun. If it's not a special day, then I don't know what it is.

And this apparently the mom graduated, and the son attended. I know I demanded a bit of my kiddo's time, subjecting him to a crowded event whose lingo he does not understand. But I am so glad he carried on. The ceremony was something I was pleased to attend, but my son's presence in it made the day special.


Chris said…
wonderful post... each and every time we are with our kids, these moments are truly special. most of us take this moments for granted...

i love the last pic... :D
jes said…
wow congratulations mommy heheh =0 and napakasuerte mo at me bisita kang POGI hehe =) nice! happy MM!!! =) visit mine too =)
pehpot said…
anh he even wear a decent suit! what a very special day :)

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Beth said…
yes, any bonding time or day we are with our kids is always special. your kid must've enjoyed being there on your graduation day! :) it surely made your grad day more memorable!
Lanie, said…
This is very special day for the whole family because of your graduation.. here's mine

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