Monday, 13 April 2009

Unconscious Muttering

I say ... and you think ...?
  1. Animal :: instinct

  2. Temporary :: dweller

  3. Moan :: oh, stop moaning, Malfoy, ump!

  4. Rapid :: grand --s Michigan

  5. That’s for me to say :: silly!

  6. City :: of the living dead

  7. Bumper :: to bumper traffic

  8. Eclipse :: of the heart

  9. Problematic :: apparatus

  10. If? :: Rudyard Kipling

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Genejosh said...

hi are you? I heard the news that BKK declared state of emergency yesterday..Take care...

Hazel said...

Thanks for checking on me sis :) People are still chucking water on each other here, but protests have been called off. Protestors say they're coming back. I missed Thaksin's interview with CNN last night, thus look at my unconscious muttering...parang loka-loka, LOL!

Life is still normal though, thank God. Happy Songkran!

lupusurvivor said...

nice mutterings. thanks for visiting mine.

Storm said...

Fun list. Happy mutterings!