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Weekend Snapshot: Trouble in Paradise

Political protests at the Victory Monument were called off during Songkran (Thai New Year). However, while people were chucking water on each other, armed soldiers were still walking about, grim-faced and vigilant. There is trouble in paradise. But my friends and I decided that the Red Shirts could protest all they want; we have our own lives to entertain. Off we trooped to Dream World.

"Make love, not war"

Hanging nests and a friendly log to cross in 2-inch heels.

I wonder if those soldiers would stop looking dismal if these flowers were placed alongside their machine guns....

Tomatoes and chillis at the Australian Farm.

Our kids loved it here because the entire garden is air-conditioned.

Enjoying the holidays is no denial of the issue raging on in government. We simply chose to have a date with beauty and be happy about it rather than sit nervous and worried in front of the TV.

Have a great week, everyone!


Genefaith said…
wow...very nice sight!

Correct ka sis...enjoy the weekend...back to school kami may 1 pa..

Got an award for you for I love your blog! I love your blog award
dday said…
nice place for lovers. full of hearts! have a great week ahead. ^_^
JoyD said…
Oh yeah the news about it,, hope everything will be fine and also your family to be safe...... Its good you enjoyed the beauty .... mine is here
Ebie said…
You are right "make love and not war" and be free as those happy flamingo! Those are beautiful amarylis!
What lovely photos! I'm sorry Thailand has to go through this. What a pitty.
Lovely garden. I love the flowers!
Indrani said…
Such pleasing shots to the eyes.
Felt sorry about the Thai's recent problems.
Arlene said…
Zel, the swans inthe fountain reminded me of Enchanted Ella movie. So now i know who is the girl swan in there. I wish cows can do that too or even dogs so that i know it's a girl or male. lol! So cute. This is such a nice place to visit and roam around.
Sunshinelene said…
oppss by the way, did you tag me?

wla lagi nako nakita ang link in my blog.
Genefaith said…
Hi sis...I recently bought a new domain for my blog Her_HisStory ( It was changed to Her and History with URL

Hope you'll update my account in your site..Thanks
Mirage said…
The flowers are stunning!
Carver said…
This was a fabulous post and wonderful photographs of paradise. So beautiful. I love the idea of flowers on guns. I'm sorry there is so much conflict going on around you and I think enjoying the beauty is a great idea.
Azumi's Mom ★ said…
Nice shots dear =)
khitara said…
Wow! Great photos! I love the kids inside the big red shoes. Have a great week ahead!
Anya said…
Lovely shots :)))))
Did you now
that wooden shoes
comes from the Netherlands.....
The idea was from Dutch people!!
I was looking on your site ,
I have very match interest
for your Country :))
Its very beautiful :)
Hazel said…
Oh yes, Anya. The shoes are definitely dutch :) Your windmills are even painted there :)

Thanks for dropping by.

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