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At this moment

I found this tag from genejosh's blog. Since she said it's ok to grab it, I did. Thank you genejosh :)
(The answers to the questions below must be based on "at this moment.")

1. Where is your cellphone - in my purse (that's the company-issued phone); my personal phone is charging

2. Your hair - unruly

3. Your father - at Holy Garden Memorial Park in South Cotabato; sleep on Pop :)

4. Your favorite thing - my blogging adventure; it's new to me

5. Your dream last night - I can't remember

6. Your favorite drink - mango juice

7. Your dream goal - tour as many countries as I can

8. The room you are in - my apartment

9. Your fear - the heat outside

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - settled in England

11. Muffins - I'd rather have crumpets right now

12. One of your wish list items - To work for the National Trust, UK

13. Where you grew up - Davao del Sur and South Cotabato

14. The last thing you did - told my son to move back as he's too close to the TV screen

15.What are you wearing - a loose house dress with pastel floral design

16.Your TV - a 21" flat Sony

17. Your pets - an absolutely spoiled-rotten toy poodle, staying with the Lola in Pinas right now; the others like my five fish are all resting in peace :(

18. Your computer - Acer

19.Your life - on a waiting-for-something-big mode; happy and healthy :)

20. Your mood - getting hungry

21. Missing someone - my poodle

22. Your car - I'm taking the taxi in an hour

23. Favorite store - Seacon Square, that's where I'm shopping by and by

24. Your summer - pending; if visa is granted then definitely Central Europe

25.Your favorite color - old rose, I just glanced at my favorite, long, old rose skirt I sent soaking in the bucket for a stain that will hopefully go away

26. When was the last time you laughed - awhile ago when I teased my son by dancing to the tune playing from his Winnie the Pooh DVD

27.When was the last time you cried - in 2005; not a crying type really

28. Last person who emailed you - a friend called pinaygrowler

29. Your favorite food - my mother's tuna escabeche

30. A place you would rather be right now - at home in Pinas with all the foods in there

Now where is Arlene? And I wonder if Chris of Mommy Journey and Julie of Greenbucks are up for a little side fun :) Anyone else - feel free to grab it.


Genefaith said…
hi...enjoy reading your post
taga-Surigao del Norte company ka pala nagwork? i read kasi na u have company-issued phone..usually mga Pinoy kasing nandito sa Thailand nagteteach...Hope to visit u every now and then...
Chris said…
ok, ill grab this!
Genefaith said…
hi..if ur interested i have another tag at
..try this you'll surely enjoy...
Chris said…
i have posted my answers already :D
Hazel said…
genejosh, i am a teacher by profession who, like you at some point fancied becoming a doctor (or maybe it was just the influence of a manliligaw who is a medical doctor now). i've been teaching for years too many than what i originally planned, until the company that runs the business institute which employs me sent me off to a different department - business administration to teach business communication which i sometimes call business miscommunication lol...

anyway while most pinoys in thailand are teachers, there are a few who are not like the musicians and business people. i know one pinay who works in advertising, another one who is a travel magazine editor, and my own pinoy co-teacher who is originally a CPA. but then there are also a few who are completely misplaced like my college roommate who is a full-fledged medical doctor and now teaching 3rd grade here. mangatawa nalang mi usahay... at least we have our economy back home going nowhere to blame when we are not teaching or blogging :))

ok, i'll check out that other tag.

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