Saturday, 28 March 2009

Heart tag

Another tag was passed on to me by Genebei. Thank you. I like the picture attached to this tag :)
The picture shows a very cute strawberry formed like a heart that is placed in an "intimate" way nearest to the heart to show that a person filled with love is interesting and attractive.
The rule of this tag is to answer the questions below on your own.
A# Attached or Single? Single
B# Best Friend? my poodle :)
C# Cake or Pie? cake, moist chocolate please
D# Day of Choice? Saturday
E# Essential Item? computer with internet
F# Favorite Color? nowadays it's lilac
G# Gummie Bears or Worms? Gummie Bears
H# Hometown? South Cotabato
I# Favorite Indulgence? Durian and choco macadamia ice cream from iBerry
J# January or July? January
K# Kids? Yeah one boy
L# Life isn't complete without....? achieving my freaking goals
M# Marriage date? I forgot when was it exactly but it's either the 10th or 11th of March
N# Number of magazine subscriptions? zero; it used to be Reader's Digest for several years
O# Oranges or Apples? Oranges
P# Phobias? a scientist says that a normal person has around 40-50 phobias, so since I'm a bit of a freak, then maybe more than 50 lol.....
Q# Quotes? I shouldn't have told you that! Hagrid, HP
R# Reasons to smile? the thought of living in a pretty cottage on a quaint english countryside...
S# Season of choice? Spring if Thailand has a version of that
T# Tag five people. I will try after the weekend. Anyone who wants to grab this tag - be my guest.
U# Unknown fact about me? If I wrote it down it would no longer be unknown
V# Vegetable? I eat most veggies
W# Worst habit? not aggressive enough
X# X-Ray or Ultrasound? If I needed both then both
Y# Your favorite foods? salads, roast beef and SUTUKIL
Z# Zodiac sign? Virgo

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Genejosh said...

same tayo fave food Sutukil...he..he..miss it...have a nice day reading ur post nd love ur new template