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Summer list

Summer hasn't officially kicked off for my son and me yet. My kiddo is on a brief school break but will be going back on March 23rd. Then in April we both get a week off during Songkran and that's when we start cracking about. Sand and salty waves sound like a season cliche but I still love hitting them. Give me the beach on any summer day and I'm the happiest creature around :) Only last week Cj implied that he's ready for the beach by crawling under the bed to gather last year's sand shapers. He improvised a hat from the bucket, and unaware that the cam was nearby, he goofed right into this shot:

Bangkok is boiling almost the whole year round. Except early this year when there was a cold wave and we wore warm clothes. Our electric bill was noticeably lower. I wished the cold went on longer. But for now we ward off the heat with just the AC.

We would have gladly jumped on a plane and gone home to Pinas, but I got myself involved in plans that need more time attending to than I pre-calculated. If my errand (which falls at the height of summer, God help me!) in Central Europe is cancelled, we would do one or two or all activities on this list:

  1. Go home and eat all pinoy foods we want.
  2. Walk on rice paddies and take a carabao ride at sunrise. I'm eyeing this activity for Cj and Mozart who haven't had the experience yet, poor boys.
  3. White river rafting and kayaking or a weekend in Lake Sebu - mainly for a couple of nieces and nephews who keep texting me, "Auntie, uuwi ka ba ngayong summer?"
  4. Watch Robin Padilla. This will have to be for myself, but any family member who can tolerate my new-found manic tendencies over this actor's charm is always welcome. Unlimited, stomach-bloating snacks are on me :)
  5. Turn Mama's yard into a mini-campsite. We will cook our food outdoors, install a hammock on that idle guava tree and maybe have a karaoke party, minus the noise. I don't want to torment neighbors with voices that are best kept on a low volume.

If I get stuck in Bangkok, I guess my son will just have to use his membership card at Siam Park and make do with the man-made lake there. Just how boring life could get! But now that I've listed these ideas, I really am getting excited. Come, summer come!


TeacherJulie said…
Summer + kids = FUN

Nice to know you have plans line up and I hope you will be able to have these done :) Still have to do carabao ride with my children and I remember ding that when I was younger when we'd do to the fields to get some camote with my cousins :) Saya!

Thanks for answering the WQ and my apologies for not including you in the first email (your email addy was in the other pc that's why)

Enjoy the rest of the week!
Hazel said…
Maybe the carabao idea will remain just a dream for now. But I will try to deliver the experience to my boys first chance I get. Totoo masaya nga!

No problem about the email. I look forward to the next Q :)

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