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The one you love and bathroom musings

Musical Monday: The One You Love
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Lately I've been thinking of two people I know. Questions posed in this song are similar to the ones I have on my mind about a complicated attachment between them. And I've always loved the saxophone before Eagle's Glenn Frey starts crooning.

Diane hosts

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Monday Mayhem: Bathroom Musings
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1. What do you read when you are sitting on the toilet? I used to have a tray of my favorite magazines. Now it's virtually nothing.

2. Do you pee in the shower? we're not supposed to, are we?

3. Do you always wash your hands after you use the toilet? yes

4. Do you allow someone to come into the bathroom while you are using the toilet? it happens if I don't shut the door

5. Do you clean your shower in the nude? yes, most of the time

6. When you use the toilet at someone else's house do you go through their medicine cabinet and/or their bathroom cabinets and drawers? NO! This q though takes me to that farewell party in the house of a hospital president 13 years ago. His bathroom was filled with numerous perfumes from all over the world, placed on shelves, and blimey, what a display that was.

7. For the Men...Have you ever left the toilet seat up on purpose to irritate the woman in your life? when I was married toilet seats were the least of my worries whether they were down or up, and no, the ex wasn't into this

8. For the Women...Have you ever fallen into the toilet because someone left the toilet seat up? once and for the first time last week. It was around midnight. I followed my 5 year-old to the bathroom half asleep. He forgot the seat; his first offense that I quickly forgave.

9. Do you courtesy flush? of course

10. Do you light a match or a candle or spray an air freshner when you are finished pooping? spray the air freshener if there's no fan

11. Have you ever fallen asleep on the toilet? no

12. What is the strangest thing you have ever flushed down the toilet? a coin

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kalea_kane said…
Number 2 made me giggle. :) I'd quickly forgive your five year old too. My son did much the same when he was little too.

Have a great week!
Run DMT said…
I hope the people on your mind work things out soon. Complicated love stories make me sad. :-(

As for your Monday Mayhem, that quickly cheered me up! LOL Some of my answers were the same. Doesn't ever clean the shower in the nude? I mean, you're already in there. Why not? LOL

The weird thing ever flushed in our house was a fish a few weeks ago. My neighbor's 4 yo son decided to dump my 7yo daughter's fish in the toilet to see what would happen. The fish swam around for awhile and I guess that wasn't enough fun, so he flushed it. We tried to get "mad" about it, but it was hard to keep a straight face. Too freaking funny! :-D
What kind of coin did you flush? Wow perfumes from around the world.

Thanks for participating.
Diane said…
what a funny monday mayhem! i havent had any privacy in the bathroom in a LONG time!!! :(
Anya said…
Funny monday
about "Toilet"........ LOL

such a crazy questions !!!!

Unknown said…
I enjoyed reading your answers. Some bathroom really has lots of girly-isch stuff like the friend of my sister. It smell so good and she just set there all her perfumes and jewelry.
I am Harriet said…
I can tell you that my son did the same thing to me at that age. Yuck.

Thanks for playing. Have a great day!
There isn't a new rule about having to pee in the shower that I missed, is there? ;)
Hazel said…
kalea, I know what you mean lol!

Run, a small net might have helped the fish. but oh well, he's already flushed poor thing. I hope it didn't suffer much before meeting its maker

Melissa, a silly one. I was just curious :)

Diane, must be like that sometimes

Anya, mayhem indeed, isn't it? :))

Shy, I hope there isn't anything of value among the jewelry.

Harriet, same sentiment when my butt touched the cold seat

Bud, none that I know of :D

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