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Musical Monday: Love is the answer
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Last time I checked, my civil status hasn't shrouded my perception of what is smile-inducing. Before signing those papers, I used to play this song while speeding on expressways. I may not completely agree that love is the answer to everything, but I certainly believe the tune helps fight off boredom on the steering wheel, even now that there's no wheel to steer and I'm using legs to go mobile. I cherish the pleasant; bury the b******. The thought moves me.

Diane @ Good Mourning, Glory! hosts

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Monday Mayhem: Write that headline
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Each of the following headlines appeared on Your task is simple: re-write the headline in as many words as the original headline was written. Enjoy!

Israeli cult leader charged with enslavement, rape
Your 7-word headline: Jesus mutant redefines Harriet Beecher Stowe's precepts

Greek PM slams European Union amid crisis
Your 7-word headline: Too much slamming wipes out hairy crisis

Officials: Don't sweat the warm weather
Your 6-word headline: Spectator bloods curdle in warm snow

Carrie Wilson: I need help
Your 5-word headline: Posing nude licks self esteem

Teen suspected of approaching Olympics air space in stolen plane
Your 10-word headline: Authorities reckon teen needs to place intelligence on unrestricted space

Has John Mayer been scared Tweetless?
Your 6-word headline: Guitar Man: silent twitting does it

Plans unveiled for world's largest yacht
Your 6-word headline: My horse will outrun yours

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ShAKirA CHOONG said…
"My horse will outrun yours" AWESOME!
love it.
Kelly L said…
Love the song - but really liked your talent with the mayhem - that was great!

Anonymous said…
LOl. I love the Posing nude licks self esteem. Brilliant my friend. I love your Musical Monday as well. Haven't heard them in a long time :) Well done!!!
I am Harriet said…
Loved your Carnie Wilson headline. so true!

Thanks for playing!
moorebloglife said…
Love the song haven't heard it in years! I don't often do Monday Mayhem but your answers this week were very creative!
Hazel said…
Shakira, they sound like they are having a contest on who's got the biggest toy lol

Thank you, Kelly and Moore

Thom and Harriet, I read her wikipedia page ops.... :))
shydub said…
I love the second and last headlines.
Run DMT said…
Where do you come up with this stuff?! You crack me up! :-D

Thanks for visiting for MM! Have a great week! :-)
Hazel said…
Shy, I'm heading over to your post after work

Run, it must be the result of my Sunday overshot :))
Anonymous said…
Wow..haven't heard that is a dog's age. always my favorite ED&JFC song...great pick.

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