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Peace talks and a love message

Friday's Fave Five: Peace Talks
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Peace talks
In a previous FFF post, I mentioned that students from another school fought with our students, and our billboards were damaged but I was oblivious. Well on Tuesday this week administrators and student representatives from that school came and did peace talks with us. This time I made sure I wasn't oblivious to such a good and happy event.

A playful fish
One of the fish in the pond at work somersaulted just when I passed by. It swished and backflipped. I thought I just imagined it but the gardener also stood watching the same fish in the same pond doing the same antic.

Dental appointment
After 3 weeks of searching I finally found a dentist who explained all I needed and wanted to know about CJ's teeth. There are problems. Ex is playing hard ball with me on the insurance. My mind whirled as the dentist went through words like x-ray, infection, operating room, sedation. But I'm thankful that I'm no longer ignorant of what's going on and can therefore start thinking of the next steps. It made me breathe easily.

Contagious smiles
One was CJ's when he opened his box of old but favorite toys from his dad's house. The other smile belonged to a little girl riding on a moped. She just kept smiling at me :)

A film still
I browsed around and found this:


Quiet, cool and quaint, no wonder stories are woven at settings like this. Maggie Smith starred as an English novelist who invited train bombing survivors to recuperate at her home in the Italian countryside. You must have guessed the film title already.

Susanne hosts

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Mommy Moments: Love Message
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This month marks my one year of blogging. Despite believing otherwise I must have eked out a few solid lines from the heart. Today the topic at Mommy Moments is message of love. I don't think I could wax poetic when it comes to the most important man in my life...

I almost skipped this week's Mommy Moments but expressing feelings is essential to good relationships so I will try to croak one out.

My dearest Baby Pooh,

You're a handful, don't you know that? Oh yes, you are and I'm sure in time you will agree with me. Yesterday your dentist told me you need serious procedures. I didn't tell her you're eating candies as much as Pooh Bear is eating honey. Or that your milk was in my purse as we spoke. But I did tell her that you're scheduled to play with Roo, Mickey and Simba at Disneyland on April 26th. The procedures would be arranged after.

Everytime you sketch a dinosaur, color it pink and say, "this is mommy" on, of all canvasses, my research sheets, I'm on top of the world.

Sometimes you're a screaming machine and I'm yanked out of my reverie, but this I would do eventhough I'm scared: I would go through hell and back for you. Now don't go competing with Mozart on who's got the bigger head.


P.S. Toys galore the moment you stop drinking milk from the bottle. I might even drop Baby from your title. Deal?

Chris hosts
Moms are doing love messages today at the Mommy Journey


Clarissa said…
aaawww...what a sweet letter to your child.Happy blogversary and more power!!^_^
Anonymous said…
First congrats on the Blog Anniversary. I think mines coming up as well I dunno. I don't keep track of that kind of thing. I'm glad you are going to drop baby. I think that's a great thing to do. I do hope that CJ holds up his end of the bargain. He looks so much more grown up in this photo for some reason. :) Handsome little dude. Oooo April 26th...YIPPEEEE!!!! This was a sweetg sweet Mommy Momment. You are terrific. xoxoxoxo
Anonymous said…
Happy Blog Birthday! :) More power and more posts this coming year.

Our sons will always be that baby in our eyes. Don't let go if you don't have to yet. :) Happy Valentines!
Susanne said…
Happy first bloggiversary!

Hearing words like those when associated with you child is always really hard. But they'll do the best by him and get him fixed up! Hang in there Mom!

Such a lovely garden picture. I'd love to be there with a good book.
Carrie said…
The playful fish you mentioned here is just awesome. Oh, what our household would do to see such a thing! =D I'm glad you mentioned that on your list. It's wonderful and fun!

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
I glad the other school is trying to make things right and teach their students to do so as well.

What fun it must have been to see that fish doing somersaults! Awesome moment!

Knowing is half the battle in anything medical -- I can deal with information much better than uncertainty. I'm glad you know what the situation is now and can plan for what's next.

What a sweet Mommy moment! CJ looks like a sweet, happy child.

Happy Blogoversary!
Brenda said…
Thanks for the film recommendation, I am always on the look out for good movies.

I hope your son gets his dental work done!
Willow said…
Disneyland?? You'll be in my part of the world! What a sweet letter to your Pooh!

Congrats on your blogversary!

Have a happy weekend!
Sis said…
Aw, sweet...

and peace talks are good. :)
I love how your "fives" encompass what you've seen this week. That you would notice the playful fish and contagious smile of a little girl says you're taking time for life's moments.

It's so easy to rush through every day and not see any of those sweet things. Thanks for sharing.

Happy weekend!
Hazel said…
Thanks, Clarissa.

Thom, I just checked my very first and I found out it's been a year :D It must be CJ's clothes that made him look more grown up. Yeah, 26th, can't change my mind anymore. It's all set.

judy, I'm sometimes bad at letting go so I don't even think of 'yet' right now :)

Susanne, thank you. A good book is what I thought of too on that garden.

Carrie, the fish was such a sight. I wish you had seen it :)

Barbara, the peace negotiation was a pleasant surprise. You're right sorting half of a medical issue is such great improvement; makes the other half easier to fix.

Brenda, the film is old but a good one; it's called My House in Umbria

Willow, we're flying to Hongkong, but it's still a bit of a holiday :)

Sis, yeah, they are :)

Laura, and I love how you interpret my fives. Brilliant!
Chris said…
wow, happy 1st year anniversary!
:) and I am so glad that you are part of Mommy Moments!

I love your creative post today... and hope you and CJ have a great vacation soon :D

happy mommy moments and happy hearts day!
AC said…
Hi Mommy! My first time here.. I can feel you are a good writer.. I enjoyed your very creative letter.. Hope you had a wonderful V-Day...

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