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Waxing classic

When I feel like passing out attacking terrene everyday-ness, I turn to classical music. These things dance in my mind as the first strain goes off:

1. film scores
2. those childhood piano lessons
3. Europe
4. killer essay exams
5. pregnancy and babies
6. orchestra
7. Math and Science
8. relaxation
9. plenary halls
10. qualitative research analysis
11. humming to self
12. appealing quaintness
13. being at peace with the world

What are your associations with classical music?

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Anonymous said…
Not a whole lot my friend. I don't listen to it hardly at all. Call me uncultured. LOL
Hazel said…
Hardly Thom :))) Classical is not the only mark of culture last time I checked
Indrani said…
Classical music is calming.
You have a whole range of thoughts... from pregnancy to technology. :)
Mariposa said…
I feel like I am somewhere in time!
Shelley Munro said…
I don't listen to much classical either, but I often associate it with commercials. A lot of commercials use classical music.
Hazel said…
Indrani, peels off some neurosis :D

Shelley, true. The Masters are doing the commercial industry great service long after they're gone.

Mariposa, it's probably one of the many things CM does to you, it's one of my faves too :)
Unknown said…
I don't listen to classical music. When I think of it, I picture a guy in a smoking jacket, holding a snifter of brandy, smoking a cigar in his library. lol
Happy T13!
colleen said…
It makes movie scenes play in my head!
Unknown said…
I used classical music to study to in High School and University. It brings me to a calm state. I love it!

Happy TT

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Mia Celeste said…
Music is a great gift. I find it inspires thoughts and emotions too.
Hazel said…
Adelle, I'll have just the library :D

colleen, on mine too :)

Shash, that's a good one

Brenda, oh yes, it's big on emotions
I am Harriet said…
There are a lot of connections between many of those.

Enjoy your Thursday!
soleil said…
Classical music associations for me go like this-Fur Elise, piano, piano competitions, Van Cliburn International. I have very fond memories of keeping up with the Van Cliburn by reading the paper religiously, listening to the broad livecasts on TCU radio and attending performances.
jillconyers said…
My first thought was driving home from work. That is the best way for me to go from psych-Jill to mom-Jill.
Kristen said…
After piano lessons, I'd have to say classical music reminds me of crazy conductors and Victor Borge.
Amanda Moore said…
I do love Classical music from Romeo and Juliette to the flight of the Bumble Bee and the William Tell Overture my selections are eclectic but I don't have the vivid association going through my mind just trying to follow the music accurately.
Great list for T13
My reply is here
Hazel said…
Harriet, and the list could go on and on

jehara, fuer elise...yeah those piano lessons when we were kids. and Van Cliburn - I haven't thought of him in a long time

jill, that's just wonderful!

Kristen, oh the crazy conductors! and victor borge's still funny :D
classical is calming so is country!

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