Friday, 12 March 2010

Cars and kids

Noticed something awkward or funny in a vehicle? Ceejay's Dad's car has it. The ground floor parking of the Swiss trading company that employs Cj's Dad is reserved for executives. When he parks down there, his car becomes all the more funny-looking. I'm talking about a mickey mouse bumper sticker on it. And something worse than an executive's car with a grinning mouse sticking out the glass is that my computer got infected wiping out all my pictures. Disaster! I'm putting grief on hold. Below is a google idea of my rant.


Between ex-hubster's cars Cj seems drawn to the old one. I know why he prefers the old. It was his refuge when he was a yakking infant. Or ours. When CJ howls in the middle of the night the car is the ultimate solution. It's instant quiet once he's inside. Magic! Cj must have also felt some connection with it because it's what I drove until I was about six months preggy with him.

Yesterday Cj wanted to spend another hour driving those race cars in the mall. That is a source of argument as he's the only kid there. All other drivers are towering, young adults. He transformed into his Dad's car sporting Mickey among all those formal wheels at Berli Jucker. That's about it for CJ's ongoing experience with cars. Thank you fellow Mommies for using your imagination.

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Jes said...

waaaaah mommy sayang aman pics!!! kung ako yun naku! lalagnatin ako!!!


nwies zipline is fun!!! ang bilis nga lang kaya bitin kiddos ahhah =0

thanks for the visit!

onlinemommy said...

Cute sticker :)

You car becomes your son's comfort zone ;)

Thom said...

At lest Mickey isn't giving the finger. LOL Poor you and your infected computer. You never know CJ might turn out to be the next Richard Petty! :)

chubskulit said...

Hahahaha mickey pala lol.

Our kids and the car

nice A said...

CJ found a refuge in your car. That's so unique of him.
Thanks for your visit. May you and your family have a great weekend ahead!

judys424 said...

Cute mickey sticker :) It looks like a big new car :)

By MelCole of PA said...

Happy MM! Nice Mickey sticker! You got a nice car!

shydub said...

I agree with you hazel. even at the middle of the night just putthem on the car seat drive for few minutes and they're quite.

Hazel said...

Jes, ay binabalewala ko nalang muna at baka akoy maduleng sa kakaisip lol. I'm still hoping some computer expert can find a way to retrieve my pics. Right now even the recycle bin is empty grrrr

onlinemommy, yep, parang teddy :)

Thom, rofl.... I'm gonna chase Mickey with Donald Duck's ax if he showed me the finger

nice A, thanks

Chubs, wala syang pakialam du'n sa parking lot, feel na feel yata ang pagka Dad :D

Judy, it must be

Melcole of PA :-)

Shy, maybe because a car is a different surrounding from the crib

Anya said...

Mickey mouse
Lovely post Hazel ...

Enjoy your weekend
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :-)

acmumcee said...

oh.. if that's my car.. I'm Hello Kitty will be there.. LOL! but I felt sad about the pictures too.. sayang..

Chris said...

boys and cars.. what is THAT connection?!

happy mommy moments..