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Yes, no, and in the air tonight

Musical Monday: In The Air Tonight
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It was either Don Johnson or someone whose name I didn't pay as much attention to. Globe-trotting, short-term boyfriend mentioned that he briefly worked with one Miami Vice actor. Then off he went out to finish a meeting while I stayed behind to finish viewing bundles of photos. In one snapshot the guy he pointed out as the actor preceded him on the stairs of a plane. My mind ambled along opening scenes of The Real McCoy; the roar of Ferrari as Burnett and Tubbs sped on a dark highway interspersed with Phil Collins' bark-like "oh lord, oh lord, oh lord..." God I must have existed in the 80s already :D

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Monday Mayhem: Yes or No
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Today's meme is based on the popular YES or No.

We will focus on the internet. Answer yes or no for each question. Because I am so very nice, I will allow you to tell one story about one of your answers.


1. Googled yourself?
I thought it was silly, but I got to sort something someone said. Read: skin the little bug alive

2. Googled your neighbor?
Sometimes we're on the lift together; and as the mercury on the neighborliness thermometer plunges, so does the interest to bother about remembering that I don't even know their first names

3. Used Google maps to spy on someone?

You should be asking if I used google maps to locate Mt. Ararat

4. Spied on someone via Facebook?

5. Friended someone on Facebook that you don't know?
It's the other way around

6. Tweeted gossip?
not my style duh

7. Followed a celeb on Twitter?
I'd rather follow my own dreams

8. Kissed any one of your Facebook friends?
and loved it!

9. Regretted an online relationship?
knowing when to stop has its advantages

10. Dumped someone online?

11. Played a prank on someone online?

12. Spied on a High School bully online?
The bully in my high school must have had brains enough to victimize only those he could

13. Written a nasty email?
At my age, if I have to attack someone, I'll do it face to face

14. Sent something X-rated via email?
received - yes

15. Searched your state's/locality's database for predators?

16. Done an online search on someone's traffic offenses?
If it's not my concern, I don't bother

17. Ordered dinner online?

18. Purchased something over $250 online?

19. Left an anonymous comment?

20. Checked out someone else's email (as in spy on your s.o.)?
it's not me

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Thom said…
OMG I only have three yeses too LOL Too funny and I love how you did yours. I so love Phil Collins. I haven't heard this song in so long. I just love it :)

I have tagged you for the Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop HERE.

Have a great week ahead :) xoxox
Hazel said…
Hi Thom, you counted the yeses! I'm glad you did because now I noticed. Oh...I smell chocolate :-)
ArtSnark said…
Musical Monday is like a time machine to the 80s today. Must be something in, nevermind
Run DMT said…
I am so vain. I google myself way too much. More than I care to admit. LOL

Great MM pick! This song always gives me chills.
Hazel said…
ArtSnark, for those who are into that era maybe and for those.... no, never mind

Run, the first time I googled myself I thought, 'great, I'm soo not out of my mind' lol!
I am Harriet said…
Hi there!
I love the way you used the yes and no images.

Thanks for playing!
moorebloglife said…
Phil Collins is one of my very faves and this was a great pic of his!
Diane said…
yes, it's 80s flashback MM! lol
Peggy said…
Used to love Phil, whatever happened to him?
Thanks for he blast from the past!
Hazel said…
Harriet, I had time :)

Amanda, Phil is one of my faves too! I like many of his other songs as well

Diane, I didn't realize this MM would become sort of an 80s flashback but well, it's always good to reminisce the days :D

Peggy, I don't know. Last time I saw him perform was at the Queen's Jubilee at the Buckingham in what year was that... I've forgotten which year was it. I will always like his hits though
coopernicus said…
Phil Collins was kewl during the early Genesis days...but I know EVERYONE loves playing the drum intro to this song....
Hazel said…
coopernicus, oh yes he was; and who wouldn't love the drums in this song?
Kelly L said…
I love this song - I saw Phil Collins in concert in 1989 or 1990 at the Los Angeles forum.. when he sang this song - it gave me chills - it was awesome..

Love it - thanks for bringing to mind a great memory!

Anya said…
Hi Hazel
I have visit a real concert from Phil Collins it was GREAT !!!!
It was in London years ago
(When I was young .......... LOL)
Love this post :-)
Hazel said…
Kelly and Anya, it must have been a hundred times better to listen an watch this song live. lucky you two! Color me jealous :-)

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