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Internetlessly happy

It's Friday and time to identify highlights of the week:

A young reader to nurture
After getting over a bill fright when an expensive overseas call had gone on for almost an hour, I rang cousin Vi to see when can we have another slumber party (read: splurge on food and talk all night). Vi described her 8-year old son's developing love for reading and knack for observing things. My ears perked up. It's my kind of news! Then Vi said, "I hope he'll be like you..." She didn't have to say that to make me look up my bookcase and check what could I give the boy. I'm inspired already.

Jesus in Blue Jeans and Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex
These are the only books so far available in my stack most likely suitable for Kakoy (Vi's blossoming bookworm) and I'm reviewing them for him. I'm delighted anew at the gems on the pages, and having a grand time thinking of what else to send him.

Welcome surprise from the author
I included these titles (preceding faves) in my Thursday 13 list yesterday, and this morning I found a comment that goes like this: Thanks so much for your recent post and for mentioning my book Jesus in Blue Jeans. Blessings on your path. Laurie Beth Jones

No internet
The very state freaks me off, so what makes it a fave? It has become a good tool in curbing Ceejay's appetite for Ultraman. I don't like what I see in those clips. Ceejay's stubbornness at getting what he wants could sometimes be overpowering. My lack of time to deal with it is alarming. The absence of the internet turns out a big, quick help. I no longer care that I have to go out to get on with life, like right now I'm on an internet cafe. It's a relief not to worry anymore.

A new routine
So I surprised myself by not making that frantic call to the internet service provider to fix my connection pronto! I offered Ceejay an alternative: back to his Bible Story Books. I'm happy that he conceded. "Circle," he calls Elijah's raven-delivered manna. No more late nights. Here's to a better style - creep out of bed at 4 AM to blog. Bye bye Ultraman.

Susanne hosts Friday's Fave Five. Read more faves or join us at Living to Tell the Story.


Susanne said…
It's always hard when kids really like something on the internet. Maybe it can be used a reward for something well done during the day and with a timer attached to it? I've heard there are programs that you can download that automatically shut off the computer at the alloted time (that the parent programs in). Sometimes I think I need one of those. :v)

Encouraging a young reader is so precious. So nice of you to try to find books from your own bookshelf that you think they would enjoy!
Carrie said…
A young reader to nurture! Ooo ooo oo! I'm with you there!

Have an awesome weekend!
ellen b. said…
Ahh the joy of reading. It's good to have and I wish it was more contagious. What a sweet compliment that your cousin gave you in wanting her son to be like you...
Have a wonderful weekend...
Brenda said…
Its kind of surprising how sometimes "no internet" can be a good thing.

Love all of your book suggestions.
Lisa notes... said…
I always enjoy reading your faves. Glad the books are working out. And glad that no internet ended up being a good thing. I think I would freak out, but it would probably be a good thing to happen to me too. Have a great weekend!
Thom said…
Excellent my friend. Creeping out at 4 am LOL Brilliant I must say. Have a wonderful weekend my dear sweet friend :)
Jewel said…
Been getting on the internet something like only 20 minutes a night now that we're on vacation. It's been nice! I feel like I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I get back home, but then again... maybe I won't! :)

Good list! I've been missing this meme for a few weeks. I'll try to do it again next week!
Willow said…
I applaud you for finding a way to curb CJ's internet game playing even if it was a faulty iternet access problem :) Books really are a better alternative!

Enjoy your weekend reading!
barbarah said…
How fun to have a young reader to nurture, and what a sweet complement to you.

We've had those struggles with sons over things they like that we're not crazy about. I'm glad being without the Internet had its advantages!

I've been surprised a couple of times that an author found me after I mentioned their book. That's always fun!

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