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Somebody and Something

Musical Monday: Somebody to love
Please scroll down for Monday Mayhem

My kiddo discovered 1930s Mickey Mouse clips on youtube. The only trick that could prise him off the computer was to go out to eat his favorite steak. Back at the apartment I tempered his new addiction by making up Mickey's girlfriend, Ella of Frell; that Ella is his complete opposite: Ella obeys, CJ resists. He lasted til Somebody to love, which is thankfully what I particularly wanted to rewatch; my best consolation for not being able to see Alice over the weekend.

Diane of Good Mourning, Glory! hosts Musical Monday. Click here for more music.


Monday Mayhem: The Something Meme
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Name something you do every day
Hang out for a few minutes at my favorite sites

Name something someone else calls you

Name something that irritates the heck out of you online.

Name something that bugs the stuff out of you at a restaurant.
Ah... this one! Yesterday I called the attention of a server who looked away and entertained the next table cutting off my order mid-air. Then she came with something I didn't order at all. I gave her a you-should-be-thinking-twice-about-your-attitude-or-I-report-you-to-your-boss-right-now look

Name something you cannot tolerate at a store.
Sales assistants who are too eager to follow me around. You follow only if I can't read instructions or follow signs.

Name something you'd like to call your co-worker.
Kapayason (Cry Baby)

Name something that you hate about someone close to you.
He thinks I'm superwoman, able to do everything for him

Name something you don't like about your sibling.
I'm an only child

Name something you like about yourself.
I'm learning how to forgive myself

Name something you would rather be doing right now.
Outlining a research proposal that matches my transcript, not my neurotic fancy

Name something that you'll be doing next week at this time.
I will be dealing with my decision to have postponed taking the IELTS on the 18th of this month.

Harriet at Harriet and Friends hosts Monday Mayhem. Click here for more mayhem.


Anonymous said…
Hello Anastasia...Love it. I like how you did Ella very clever and what a cool song. I haven't herd that in years. your restaurant answer was priceless...I would have given more than just the look however. Only child hmmmmm Very interesting. :)The IELTS is that the test for your doctorate? Have a great week ahead :)
Hazel said…
Thom, I wish you could have been with me yesterday and I would have cheered you on your more-than-just-the-look way of dealing with that server =)The IELTS is the language proficiency requirement for grad studies in English-speaking universities.
Peggy said…
loved your story about your kiddo,
What a great character you have in ella. You might have more help in the future from ella.
Great song, loved hearing it again!
Run DMT said…
We LOVE Ella Enchanted too! What a great movie! The music soundtrack is so wonderful!

About your Monday Mayhem, I hate when sales associates ignore me or give me attitude. I guess I like it when they follow me around the store. lol

Happy MM! Have a great week! :-)
Unknown said…
Great video choice.

I challenged you to do Association on my blog today. Well, you said you were interested.

It's here
I am Harriet said…
I cannot stand crappy service! I start out with a 20% tip and everything the server does depends on it staying there.

Thanks for playing!
Chris said…
just wanted to drop by and say hi..
Amanda Moore said…
She is such a cutie, I could listen to her sing all day!
Diane said…
i love that movie and particularly that scene! cute!
I hate it when I get a "you-should-be-thinking-twice-about-your-attitude-or-I-report-you-to-your-boss-right-now look". This isn't my table, lady...
Hazel said…
Peggy, Ella is such a nice character. I love her!

Run, the difference in our reactions to sales associates could be cultural. Here in our part of the world some of them virtually breathe on our necks!

Alice, oh yes, I remember I expressed an interest on this meme last week :)

Harriet, oh-oh... clock or rather attitude is ticking, lol!

Chris, thanks for dropping by and hi to you too :)

Moore, she also managed a rock piece well, didn't she?

Diane, me too specially because I like this song

Bud, I don't like giving it either but if a server goes rude with me when I treat her properly (like I always do with the rest of them; and like I did this unfortunate girl) I won't hesitate to flash her such look or maybe I will follow Thom's way - do more than just the look next time I get crappy service.
I liked your answer to the restaurant question. We call that look the Stink Eye. It has been known to scare small children and animals.
Hazel said…
Melissa, lol... does it!

Happy Monday!
Friendship awards 4 u.
I enjoyed your company!

got to your place via Alice''s Associations Meme!

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