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Shopping, divorcing, life moves on

Musical Monday: All My Life
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On Wednesday, March 10th is my wedding and divorce anniversary. (Is there a divorce anniversary? *lol) Yes, I got married and divorced on the same date.

"So we remember only one date for two events," ex-hubster explained.

Documents lay on the table. We faced each other. The divorce official chuckled.

"Where are you going?" ex asked, his eyeball rolling towards the UK visa sticking out of my passport.

"It's sweltering outside. Why is your girlfriend not inside?" I ignored the familiar bossy tone.

"She's scared of you."

Scared... I gripped the urge to laugh as I reviewed the papers with only one aim besides getting rid of him: full child custody.

"Gosh, I should be changing aircrafts in Paris, not middle east," my mind shot back to my upcoming trip. Ah well, he got the real estate, liquid assets and all his golf clubs. I got the kid, the dog, and all the photo albums.

Enough hard ball for the day. All My Life should move me not only today but til Wednesday, March 10th the latest.

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Monday Mayhem: We're Gonna Holo-Holo!
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1. Harriet at Harriet and Friends is in desperate need of some personal hygiene products. You spot an ABC Store. What three items do you purchase for her? ~ Island Soaps, Island Lotions, Island Scents and Potions (I'd love the same stuff in my bathroom too)

2. After your purchase you receive a collect call from Susan at Stony River Farm. She apologizes for calling collect but she's cheap and you know that so you gladly accept the call. She tells you that she's writing a book and needs information on hula. You proceed to Native Books/ Na Mea Hawaii and buy her? ~ Art of Hula Revised Edition, Dances of Life, Aloha Collection of Hawaiian Songs

3. Leaving the shop you remember that Melli at Insanity Prevails loves hats. You also remember her not liking her new do. Stopping to think for a minute you look around and spot Paradise Clothing Company and purchase what hat and dress for her? ~ Ku de ta Tropical Resort Wear (emerald green leaves with flower specks of fuschia)to match Scala LT64 Big Brim Crocheted Toyo

4. KCinnova at KCinnova's World, your friend since small kid time, has been telling you that she's feeling overworked and very busy. You decide that something organic will help her. Hailing a cab you tell the cabbie to take you to Malie Organic and purchase what for her? ~ Organic Body Cream Mango Nectar (8.75 oz)

5. Your phone rings yet again. This time it's Barbara at Stray Thoughts. Her not being cheap calls direct. Isn't that nice? Well she knows your on your Hawaiian vacation and would love some chocolates. So you decide to stop by Hilo Hattie and buy her what two types of chocolate? ~ Hilo Hattie Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts and Hilo Hattie Macadamia Nut Caramel Clusters

6. Checking your fanny pack, you see a note from Hazel at Delineating Des ~ or attempting to ~. She has requested a lei to match the stilettos that she always wears. They are hot pink. You get on your moped and go to Hula Supply Center and buy her what lei? ~ I'd get myself an Orchid/`Okika

7. Then you remember your dear sweet friend Juliana at Scabiosa Trenta is always complaining about the snow and cold weather. You decide to go to 88Tees Hawaii. So you grab your surfboard and off you go. Which three gifts do you buy her to brighten her day? ~ New Year Tee, Yaya Shorts, Tiger 88 Tees Cap

8. Alas your phone again. This time it's none other than Bud at WTIT: The Blog. He's in a real jam and needs your help desperately. It seems the French Twins birthday is the day after you return home. He begs you in a very whiny voice to please help him out. You owe me Bud you say. You take a limo to Sensually Yours. What lingerie item do you buy to get him out of his jam? ~ Rhinestone Show Me Bikini Set, Polka Dot Mesh Corset, Mesh and Strap Animal Teddy

9. Finished with all your shopping you decide that you are hungry and in a mood to watch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset. You decide to stop by Duke's. What do you order from the dinner menu? ~ Shrimp Cocktail, Huli Huli Chicken, Kimo's Orginal Hula Pie, Lime and Chili Roasted

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Anya said…
March 10th
is a UNIQUE day for you ...........


Happy woman's day (its today !!)
Hazel said…
Oh yes, Anya thanks for mentioning Women's Day. I've almost forgotten that. Happy WD to you too.
Unknown said…
Women's Day...I almost forgot (although we talked about it yesterday). So happy WD to you :) The thing about your ex's new girlfriend being scared of you made me giggle...
Hazel said…
I must have looked like a pink flamingo who has eaten a cougar rofl... Happy WD, Jedidiah!
Run DMT said…
Happy Anniversary, Divorce Day and Woman's Day! Celebrate it all, girl, but only it involves cake and a huge glass of wine.

Happy MM! :-)
Unknown said…

As long as you are HAPPY, take care now.

Have you a great week!




Hazel said…
Run, you're right I'm celebrating them all :)

Shakira, happy everyday - now that's pleasantly contagious :)
Anonymous said…
His girlfirend is afraid of you? Heehee, that's awesome!

Happy Everything!
Mouse said…
Happy anniversary & divorce day :)
Amanda Moore said…
You have such a great/ positive attitude obviously ex-hubby was the biggest looser in the divorce he wont find another person like you.
Diane said…
how crazy you were married and divorced on the same day!! lol
Anonymous said…
OMG what a day for you. I love the story. I hope you had your stiletto's on for that one my dear friend. I can soooo picture it. :) I'm just glad you are happy with your life and damn proud of you :) xoxoxo Great song by the way. Loved it. And your answers for your shopping spree were excellent. Your answer for Bud was right on the mark. Have a wonderful Monday :)
ooooo Rhinestone Bikini
I am Harriet said…
I would indeed buy you the same. Thanks for playing!
Have a great week!
Thanks! The twins loved it... :)
Anonymous said…
Happy MM and all the rest...
Kelly L said…
Love your humor! Anniversary/
Never heard the song before.. funny

Love to you

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