Thursday, 17 September 2009

Moments to Treasure

Most shots I take of CJ are precious to me or there is almost always a reason why they are so called treasured pictures (this week's Mommy Moments theme) regardless of the quality. I selected a few pictures for my MM entry today.

In 2007 I flew Mozart, my 'eldest son' home to PI and took the younger son Cj back to Bangkok. Mama and I exchanged wards :) This is one of our early family online chats

Summer 2009: I just love it when he shows me his latest antics. Thanks to Auntie Chette for capturing this moment

He's growing virtually half a centimeter an hour and I'm trying to hold on to his being a baby by carrying him like this

He's got slight fever but due to our yayaless situation during weekends, I had to take him with me on my chores. Despite not feeling well, he endured an hour following me around while I sorted my european travel insurance.

When I gaze at peace on his face while he is asleep, I feel at peace too

(I posted this pic on a different meme but) this is one of my favorite treasures

~ More treasured pics at
The Mommy Journey ~


Thom said...

Hazel these are just awesome. I love the last two. Brilliant my friend. :)

Anya said...

Lovely shots & words Hazel,
its always fun your Mommy moments:)

SASSY MOM said...

I guess as Moms we all try to stop the years so our kids can forever be a baby. Happy weekend!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you on Monday as I launch my new photo blog with a new meme.

Visit here.

chubskulit said...

Oh I love the last one sis, so sweet!

Here's my treasured ones

Beth said...

Hi Hazel, I like the story when Cj followed you and accompanied you while you were arranging your insurance! My kids are like that, too! Di bale nang pagod sila, bsta kasama lang nila ako, ok lang. It's so touching talaga.

I like this post, makes me remember my good times with my kids, also their keeping up with me. Makes me appreciate their love they're giving me, which I don't notice sometimes. :)

Hazel said...

thanks, Thom :)

Yes, Anya, Mommy Moments is a fun meme

Sassy Mom, thanks for the invite

Hazel said...

Hi Rose, yeah it is and happy me over that :-)

ay totoo yan Beth, sometimes I'm
about to believe he's so naughty he doesn't love me, but when he shows this kind of behavior of following me anywhere without minding what he feels (tired or sick), it makes me think being a mom to him is all worth it

Mauie Flores said...

Woot! Mozart's on webcam!

Here are my treasured photos.

life's journey said...

I like the last picture it is sweet. happy mommy moments...

Hazel said...

Maui, yep! keeps granny busy :-)

life's journey, happy MM to you too, and thanks :)

anti-wrinkle injection therapy said...

These are really very nice shots. nice work my friend.

Clarissa said...

Awww..That's so sweet!!I love your stories behind the photos!Kung pwede nga lang silang i-baby forever eh noh?!^_^

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Hazel and have a blissful weekend!!^_^

Hazel said...

Clarissa, yeah, the thought does appeal to me in my sentimental moments :)

Chris said...

awww... the last pic was really precious!!!

happy mommy moments!

nuts said...

nice shots! happy MM!

Meikah said...

Sweet moments that are really to be treasured. :)