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Interacting with my 5-year old

Giving me all the highs for several weeks now are nights researching for a possible study proposal. The ideas I find here and there are freaking exciting I practically scream at my computer screen. But right now I'm acknowledging the little things that made me smile this week, and they are my faves:

1. Stairs. Hours in front of the pc are giving me extra weight, and I'm getting worried. Climbing stairs is a great alternative over the lift in exercising.

2. Golf cart ride. On Tuesday morning my watch registered 7:50 and I was still inside my apartment. I had ten minutes to sign in at work. Running to the computer in high heels surely would not help. The golf cart saved the day. Uniformed security never looked as useful, helpful and even sweet.

3. Food-equipped office. People in our department must really be this fond of eating. Thai colleagues are always inviting everyone to share their food. It's normal to arrive in the office and find snacks on your desk. Sometimes the goodies have 'designer' taste :)

4. Free Nights. They are numbered. Next week it's show time at the university, so I cherish my free nights as much as I can.

5. Interacting with my 5-year old. I was surpised when he approached me over some hot oil that splattered on my arm when I was frying him sausages. I took the oppportunity to explain how his food is prepared and teach him a quick lesson on being careful. He got more interactive with me than usual and I loved it. My favorite part is his added willingness to be kissed and hugged; and he returns the same acts of affection with intensity after seeing my burn.

~ FFF is brought to you by Susanne. Click her name for more faves ~


Beth said…
I love the number 3! Ang sweet naman ng officemates mo! :)

Also #5! My kids would always run to me whenever they hear me say "Ohhh!" when cooking. And would always say, "Be careful next time, Mommy!" :) Sweet kids we have!
Hazel said…
yes they are, Beth! aren't we lucky? *hugs* :-)
First time here at this blog. Its very nice and interesting. I wanna to be here very often. thanks
Clarissa said…
That was so sweet of your son--bonding in the kitchen is my favorite!^_^
Hazel said…
thanks, anti-wrinkle

Clarissa, kitchen-bonding is one of my favorites too. There's a lot of action in there :-)
Beth said…
I love special time with my kids! Yummy treats at work... is the bomb!

have a nice week!
Susanne said…
What a sweet boy you have!

Free nights definitely are wonderful when one is a busy person. Enjoy all of yours!

People who bring food are a blessing! :v)
nikkipolani said…
I LOVE #3! My office-mates do bring food from time to time and it's always welcome. That you are having so much fun in your research is quite a wonderful thing all in itself. Congrats :-)
Willow said…
The ride to work was a great save! I wish they'd offer such assistance on our Southern CA freeways when every other car comes to a standstill.

Free nights and a little hug time spent with your boy. So sweet!
Brenda said…
How fun to get a ride in a golf cart and get to work on time. I too value free time at home, especially when things are really busy.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful FFF. I love #5. Have a great Friday :)
Lisa notes... said…
Your son sounds like such a little sweetie. Continue enjoying him as much as you can!
Karyn said…
I enjoyed your list....have a wonderful weekend!
Kari said…
those are precious moments with your 5 year old.
hooray for golf carts - they do come in handy and I'm with you about the stairs - great way to get in some cardio.
Happy Weekend.
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness for golf carts. LOL. 5 is the bomb. I love reading about your son and you. It's always so touching :) Happy Friday :)

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