Sunday, 20 September 2009

Quick Meal at S&P

This is what happens when a mom is stricken with temporary laziness to cook which usually happens during an uneventful weekend. Well, if it's eventful, we still normally end up in some restaurant as I don't have a proper kitchen in my apartment. Half an hour before dinner time, my 5-year old was already demanding, "I want chicken!" So we walked to nearby S&P and chicken it is:

I ordered mine for the kale and bell pepper strips:

We agreed to help each other try another plate:

Cj drowned his chicken with his dearly beloved Hi-Q 3 Plus. (Will the vice ever stop?) I finished mine with the only pineapple juice I found in Bangkok that comes close to a Philippine taste. Dinner solved :-)

~ OWM is brought to you by Ebie and Arlene ~


Arlene said...

Zel, ceejay's order is so yummy crispy. did he eat the cherry tomatoes? they looked so fresh.

The lemonade looks great for a humid day!

Happy Sunday!

Hazel said...

hi Len, i ate the cherry tomatoes :) he prefers the big tomatoes with mayonnaise and carrots

Anya said...

Well your Quick Meals looks yummie....

Hazel said...

even yummier Anya because all I had to do was eat them :)

Ebie said...

Hi Hazel, that quick meal looks so yummy! I have two Thai ladies in our office and when we have potluck, they always bring noodles, instead of rice, with their dish (Thai Curry, spicy hot and delish!) You and me both love pineapple juice! I love mine with a squeezed Philippine lemon (calamansi)!
Thanks for sharing your yummy food here at OWM.
Have a great weekend!

Mitch said...

I find Thai food spicier than Indian's.

Willa said...

sometimes we deserved a break! and a nearby restaurant like that is always a blessing especially if they have a yummy food like that. :)

anti-wrinkle injection therapy said...

I am feeling hungry after seeing this yammy food. I know it will be very taste and healthy.

Hazel said...

Hi Ate Ebie, oh I miss calamansi!

Mitch, it must be

Willa, right

anti-wrinkle, have some :)