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Anesthetic Drums

I'm through gutting myself over lost loves. But just like many others I cherish a few reminders of how good those lost things felt. Before they were lost, that is. Strains seep through the auditory senses tugging at the heartstrings, and my neurotic self suck in the misery and sorrow. It's so bloody mental I could not cry anymore. Here's Roxette emphasizing "it's over now." I agree it is and it must have been...yeah. The intro drums and cymbals are anesthetic (reason this is my main choice for MM Heartbreaker theme this week)

or here's Michael Johnson with something mellow

I hope none of these made you pull out the tissues. I don't want you to :)

~ Musical Monday is brought to you by Jori and Diane ~


Anya said…
You have my favorite today
so romantic,
we have that movie on dvd
we are looking many times,
me and my girls hahahaha.....
my husband don't like it :(
He sad its a girls movie ... ;)
Julia Roberts is a great person also Richard Gere
(but he is now to old hahaha....)
Hazel said…
Hi Anya, the last and only time I watched Pretty Woman was when I was a college freshman, til two nights ago. It's fun to watch and I can understand why your husband doesn't like it, lol!...
Anya said…

FUN :)

(I stay always a little girl when I watch "Pretty Woman" haha....)
Run DMT said…
I think I wore out my Pretty Woman soundtrack back in the 90s. I loved it.

I hadn't heard that MJ song before. Nice choice. Is nice the right word when your talking about sad songs? LOL

Happy Musical Monday...I think.
Diane said…
havent heard that first song in a long time! good choice!

never heard the second one. also great!
Hazel said…
Run and Diane, really? I thought you guys there heard DOORS first as MJ is an American. He is also known as the guy who sang Bluer than blue, sadder than sad.... he toured with John Denver in the late 60s, an info I just found out a few minutes ago. Another name he hang out with is George Benson :)
That Roxette song has some great memories behind it for me. I LOVE Pretty Woman too! Hadn't heard the other song before. Great picks for MM!
Carleen said…
Love, love, love the Roxette song! Great choice for the theme. :)
genejosh said…
I watched preety woman when I'm still elementary sis and it's the first movie I saw of Julia Roberts..I like it then and rented it again few months ago to refresh the story...he..he..

BTW sis I have awards for you here:
Hazel said…
Kirsty, I'm glad then I posted MJ's Doors :)

Carleen, I love it too! :)

genejosh, it's also the first movie I watched of Julia. i think it's what catapulted her to stardom. i heard she's the highest paid hollywood actress around her Pretty Woman days. going over to yours to pick that up. thanks.
Amy said…
I love pretty woman for sure. Happy MOnday.
Anonymous said…
Great song from Pretty Woman.

Never heard of Michael Johnson or that song -- I love the lyrics.
Anonymous said…
I love Doors. It's always been one of my favorites. Well done. Happy MM
amanda said…
the second song was just wonderful I'll have to add it to my faves! Have a great MM!
Ow!That pretty Woman song sure brought back some memories!
Love it!
Lorielle said…
Very pretty song! But it's over now... Wow! thanks!
sleigh beds said…
wow ! It's so romantic.

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