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That's my Favorite!

Cj's current favorites are Japanese soy sauce and a 90-minute documentary called Animals are Beautiful People. We're talking about favorites at Mommy Moments today. I'm posting Cj's favorites. And a couple of mine.

Three years ago when I could still fool him to strike me a pose, this is one of those times he did it with gusto. His cousins cheered him on, "Ceej, do your pogi points." Until now I don't know what that means, but it seemed to be his favorite pose then. This has also got to be my favorite capture of his smile with his front teeth yet intact.

He doesn't show any indication of giving up the bottle and this has become my source of embarrassment. But to him this is his all-time favorite, all-in-one dearest thing in the world: meal, dessert, snack, comforter, trumpet, toy, pacifier

His favorite section of the mall - I avoid this place if I can because it's where I witness my poor 10-baht coins gobbled up by these rides

His favorite sightseeing buddy-slash-slave: Mommy

Now it's my turn and this is my idea of playing favorites. He's riding one of his bikes, wearing his favorite shirt, sporting his favorite haircut and about to take the lift. Chompoo, (Thai name which means Pinky), daughter of a staff member on the ground floor happened to be by. As I looked at her and thought how much I wanted to have a little girl, an idea poofed. I asked her to kiss the bike-rider hahah! The doll sweetly obliged, much to my delight :-)

So there you are, Ceej. Grow up, explore the universe, have your own mind but disobey Mommy one minute and I'll show this to all your girlfriends. *wicked wink kidding*

More favorites at The Mommy Journey


sweet_shelo said…
You mommy ha!! You are good in playing favorites when you let that little girl kissed the adorable biker.. he he..
Hazel said…
kung minsan walang magawa, sis :-)
beakoluvko said…
Ow, I love last pic... Happy mommy moments. my post is up to
Mauie Flores said…
Hahaha, buddy-slash-slave. So true, even for me.

Here's my son's favorite.
Hahaha, Mommy, ikaw ha.... Kidding aside, your son is adorable. Habulin yan kaya keep that photo. LOL!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Awwww I so love the very first pic, he is so handsome sis hehehe...

I also love the caught in the act kiss lol..

Here's Our Favorites
life's journey said…
wow heheh cute naman nako maraming magkagusto ng anak mo because he is handsome and cute. happy MM!
Anonymous said…
He is such a cute boy and his mom a cutie as well. Don't rush him Hun. They grow up too fast :)
Anya said…
So lovely shots all ^___^
He has a girlfriend hahahaha.....
Did he like the kiss ;)
Hazel said…
beakoluvko, :-)

Mauie, everything for them, right?

Sassy Mom, hahah...yeah, I'm keeping the pawn

Rose, I enjoyed catching them in the act lol!

life's journey, sana mapunta sya sa gusto nya, hahah

Thom, advice noted :-)

Anya, he pedalled fast towards the lift when Chompoo attempted another kiss hahahahah!
Meikah said…
LOL, naughty, Mommy! But Ceej is adorable, so better prepare yourself for all the girls one day. :P
Eds said…
Ba! mukhang habulin ng chicks ang baby mo pag laki ha.. may ngkiss na agad sa kanya hehe :)

Moments like this are worth cherishing! :)

Mine is here :
Mys said…
Great photos specially the one with a girl kissing the biker boy. Just so sweet
nuts said…
Oh, I love the last photo! captured well!
darly said…
hahaha, lurve the last picture.. at least may pang-blackmail ka na sa anak mo in the future...

Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.
christina said…
ang pogi naman ni CJ ;) future hearthrob hehehe. Happy Mommy Moments!
Unknown said…
I love the first picture he has a very cute smile, pang matinee idol ang dating. you son is so adorable.

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Chris said…
cool post.. talagang mega-love ang bottle ha! :D
Clarissa said…
hahahahaa!!So cute!!I'm sure pag laki ni CJ maraming paluluhaing girls yan lol!!

Happy Mommy Moments!!^_^
genejosh said…
that's why Chompoo diligently obeyed you to kiss Cj kasi namin kagwapo ni Cj..Irresistible! He was caught on surprise, kita sa mukha nya..he..he..sis I have a 3 year-old student who looks like Cj and his one of my's like taking care the son of my friend...

favorite din ni Hyzyd ang helicopter ride sa TESCO playstation..he..he...

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