Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Impromptu and The Secret Garden

It's family time at TCP this week. I could not find a trailer for Impromptu 1990 on youtube, (my internet connection has been jumpy too) but I'm convinced it's one of two films I'd like to feature. Here's the overview:

A true historical depiction with comedy, romance, & classical music. Nineteenth century England is the setting for this more than a love story about George Sand, an extremely independent woman writer, who often wore stylish men's clothes and took a male nom de plume in order to be published. She does not allow the mediocrity, pettiness, and hypocrisy of ordinary life to stop her from being a sincere, loving, creative, intelligent, unique, independent and strong spirited woman. A portion of the film deals with her romance with Frederick Chopin. It portrays the vicissitudes of an artist's life. Highly inspirational for women who dare to be different. (text from the same link)

It's suitable for growing up or grown-up children.

Here's something with more visual aid :)

The Secret Garden

The overview goes:

Based on the children's classic by Francis Hodgeson Burnette, the author of The Little Princess (also highly recommended.) A magical film about a strong willed ten year old girl who goes to live with her uncle and cousin in the English countryside at the turn of the century. This independent, strong and delightful character impacts everyone around her and brings life and love to her young cousin. Visually stunning and rewarding, the film shows how illness and faulty belief systems can be overcome by the power of love coupled with strength of character. A film that all young girls should see, it exalts the magic of nature, the power of love, and advances a "believe in your inner feelings" ethic for young ladies.

*Recommended for the whole family - all ages - to watch together. This is a live character film, not animated, so be careful to rent this version as there are several on the market
. (text from the same link)

Male characters in The Secret Garden exemplify similar values as the female characters so little boys, sit down and concentrate :).

If class appeals to you, the setting which is England, in both films, surely provides it.


Thom said...

Looks like an awesome film my friend. I would like to see this I think. Looks fantastic. It's so good to see films like that and not all the blood and guts that seem to be so much more common. Just today I saw an ad for The Saw VI or something like that. It was a high number and I thought they are still making that movie sequel. The first one was gory enough. Thanks for sharing :)


oopps haven't seen that one..mine is up!

Hazel said...

Thom, I didn't even know there's already Saw VI. I have to agree with you about family films :-)

Giovanni, which one? :D

Anya said...

It looks a great movie
I didn't see it !!!
Maybe a great tip ....
Have a wonderful day
(I ride no bike NEVER :( .... LOL
I am always happy when he is home with the bike !!

kikamz said...

Hello Mommy Hazel! The Secret Garden is a beautiful classic! i enjoyed watching it too because of the setting, the plot, the characters. it is one of those movies that never failed to put a smile on my face in the end.

thanks for joining us this week. next week, we will feature a Fantasy Adventure movie. Happy TCP!

Jona said...

thanks for your comment in my blog Haze!
the secret garden sounds interesting! i need to put it in my list.