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Relying almost entirely on milk and unless starving, CJ doesn't eat. So when I witness moments like this, I feel relieved. His recent snack choice is kechup or soy sauce. To make him eat something healthy I try these strategies simultaneously: coax, beg, threaten, set an example by eating the food myself or bribe.

"I'll let you play all you want with Winnie the Pooh, Lion King and Mickey Mouse if you eat," goes the motivating factor behind this episode. Ibbity-Bobbity Boo! a little mouth opens wide.

For a picky eater, this bite looks big enough to last him til the next snack time.

Snacks going on at the Mommy Journey.


Thom said…
Hmmmm I would tie him up beat him silly and say NOW EAT!!!! ROFLMAO. Just kidding. Well maybe not. Yeah I am. LOL have you ever just let him be and see what he does? Don't even mention it. Maybe with all the attention you give to him about it he just does it to piss you off. Boy I'm on a roll here. LOL. Maybe some with jelly on it would work. role I think it should be. I give up. Hell I wish I wouldn't eat. I see food I'm all mouth. LOL Perhaps a visit to the old doc is in order. I still say the best thing is my initial answer. ROLFMAO!!!
Hazel said…
Thom, I haven't tried letting him be because I'm afraid he'll starve. I think he really will.

Maybe you're right - he just wants to piss me off. It both annoys and amuses me :-)
Dinah said…
ha ha, i want to agree with Thom but we really cant take the risk of starving our kids :-)

Mommy Moments
Hazel said…
Dinah, no we can't no matter how stressful this nourishing business gets :-)
Lynn said…
Well at least, he seems easy to coax. Lol. Haha. Being a picky eater is a stage most kids go through.

Hazel said…
Lynn, I wish that's the case in reality :D
Tetcha said…
My son is a picky eater, too, although we don't allow him to not eat his lunch and dinner, no matter how hard he refuses. One thing I notice about my son is that he eats more in a restaurant that at home. That makes me wonder if something's wrong with my cooking! LOL!
Hazel said…
Tetcha, eating more in a restaurant? lol! That is where CJ batters my budget.
Jes said…
ay naku! laging me ganyan sakin...puro threat! lols =)) nweis mahilig dn ako magbibili ng mga nakak aattract sa knila at baka sakaling kainin...kahit sa ibang bagay sa mga gamit...=P hirap mag ka anak ng pihikan ano?? ay yay yay....hehehe here's mine -
Hazel said…
Jes, korek ka dyan :D
seth said…
There is really a stage of picky eaters....I have used threatening once in a while and it works!
Hazel said…
Seth, loled at threatening. I can't deny that it does sometimes work :D
Thom said…
I understand that part about you not wanting him to starve and that was the weak part of my statement. I mean you can watch it to a point because he does have to eat daily. As long as it doesn't get out of hand. Maybe Hazel my friend it's the divorce that is spurring this on. I know when my parents did I could have cared less. But maybe it's affected CJ deeper than what anyone has thought. Just a thought my friend :) And don't go beating yourself up for that or worry about it too much. Kids as we know are resilient :)
Hazel said…
You hit the bull's eye, Thom. I blame the big D for CJ's eating behavior. Thanks for "resilient." That is such big comfort. I can work from there.
Thom said…
As I say my dear sweet one, don't go beating yourself up over this. First and foremost you have to be happy. If you aren't in total sync with yourself, nothing and no one around you will be. At least that's the way I see things. When you are functioning correctly, all around you functions correctly. So you had to do what you had to do. Could you imagine staying in a marriage where you weren't happy just for the sake of the child? My mom did and I was so pissed off at her. She was miserable. And as I say, I think all kids make it through everything. There thought process don't go as deep as adults and they just don't worry about crap like we do. And maybe it isn't the Big D that is causing this. If it were me and I would assume you have already done this is take him to a doctor and see if there is something else going on. You're doing great with him and all will be great I just know it. And as you know there are always bumps in every road. Nothing is easy. At least you aren't going to have to worry about obesity. Think of it that way. See there's always a positive spin on things :)
simply kim said…
well.. i think most moms are really having trouble getting their kids to eat. i've gone through all that when my children were small but i think my patience paid off as they are not as 'picky' as other kids are.. just be as patient as you can be, and good luck!
Hazel said…
Thank you Thom. No worries on obesity, lol good one! You're right- I've taken CJ to a doc.
I must be this guilty beating myself up this way hahah... I'm working hard on forgiving myself and hoping I'll be able to make it up to CJ in time.

Kim, patience is a virtue I'm practising on :) Thanks for the input.
Chris said…
it can get frustrating for us moms if we see our kids not eating much... well, hopefully, this phase shall pass too...

let us just keep offering healthy food as an option...

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