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A little boy's tiara

It's a week abundant with life's little pleasures, and I'm enjoying such a great Friday mood with the FFF ladies over at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story. If you are dropping by from Mommy Moments, please scroll down a bit; thank you. Now the highlights of my week --

1. Birthday dinner at Cabbages and Condoms. A friend put up with my fondness for dining out and exploring restaurants. C & C supports social development programs of the PDA, an organization that complements the Thai government's effort to promote family planning.

2. Cafe de Tu. We took the sky train to get to a posh mall for dessert. There's a lovely ambience for a slice of chocolate banana cake and a long glass of iced lemon tea. It was sheer relaxation verbalizing ephemeral wishes. From the high ceiling pretty lamps cast off a warm, soft glow making the place conducive for twilight dreams.

3. Work over lunch at Fuji. Now comes a hard, raw bit. I had to carry work to one lunch but it helped that I like Japanese cuisine and cracked 80% of the job right there on the table. Thanks to the Giver of blessings: the untouched 20% spared me indigestion issues.

4."Everything smells so fresh after a storm." It's been raining on my nook. I've been musing over these words from one of my favorite films, Ladies in Lavender, starred in by two of my favorite actresses, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

5. Mommy Moments. This is a brief account of some of my fave moments with CJ, integrated as my fifth Friday fave and entry for today's Mommy Moments theme, Wacky right below -

As I lamented CJ's stance against being photographed, I realized that my constant attempts to click away anyway have gained a few wacky results.

On board a yacht in Hong Kong, a weary single mom was hoping to experience a lovely night watching the famous Symphony of Lights while cruising Victoria Bay. Soft music, butter cake, mint tea, silver strappy heels, it was her moment.

Fat chance. A little brat decided to grab her crowning glory.

That's how my tiara ended up on his head...
It made me determined to snap more shots. But at The Peak the next day, CJ's stance didn't waver. Well, they say if you can't beat them, join them. I did and with Auntie Chette's perfect timing, we got this moment together.

Wacky Mommy Moments at The Mommy Journey.


Chubskulit Rose said…
Love the second shot sis, carefree!
Anonymous said…
ROFLMAO!!! That'll teach ya LOL I love love love that picture of you and CJ. Absolutely gorgeous :)
Hazel said…
Yep sis, as in para akong maloloka dyan sa ka-aayaw nya ng cam :))

Thom, think it did lol!
Jewel said…
Wow, he certainly looks much older than the picture on the leftbar with the ice cream! He's growing and becoming more handsome. Too bad you didn't get a better picture with the tiara; so cute! hehe

Have a nice day!
Jewel said…
Wow, he certainly looks much older than the picture on the leftbar with the ice cream! He's growing and becoming more handsome. Too bad you didn't get a better picture with the tiara; so cute! hehe

Have a nice day!
Hazel said…
Jewel, I think you're right - he's only 3 on the ice cream pic. yeah, i should have been quick when my tiara 'changed heads' but he's quicker lol!
Tetcha said…
That was a lovely candid shot of the two of you in the second photo! Happy Mommy Moments!
Hazel said…
Thank you, Tetcha.
Day by Day said…
I can see how camera-shy CJ is, Hazel. But your photo together speaks so much more... Nice!
Hazel said…
Divine, he is indeed. I'm glad this moment of ours together was captured :)
Unknown said…
Hindi talaga mapilit tumingin sa camera hehe. gwapo ng anak mo hazel
Hazel said…
Yup, Shy. matigas ang mama lol!
Unknown said…
he may have grabbed your tiara, but the very best thing is, HE IS YOUR TREASURE:)
Hazel said…
imriz, i almost overlooked that thought. well said. thanks.
Anonymous said…
That was a sweet movie.

Love those pictures with you and CJ!
Hazel said…
Thanks, Barbara.
Cindy said…
Your right about the smell after a storm, sort of like a Spring day smell.

giggle, ladies of lavender. Here on the Island we have 5 sisters of lavender all living on lavender lane and they have a "you guessed it" lavender business it is cute.
ellen b. said…
That's a great photo moment of the two of you! Yikes Cabbages and Condoms ...I don't know what to think of that. You are making me hungry with all the restaurants and food you shared!!
Chocolate banana cake? That sounds heavenly!

Your son is such a cutie. Have a great week ahead.
Hazel said…
Cindy, yes, I guess that's the variant description - spring day smell. I'm keeping that lavender business on lavender lane in mind. Maybe one day ....

Ellen, Cabbages and Condoms serve excellent food too :)

Laura, now I want to have another slice... :)
Susanne said…
Love those pictures, they're great and a fun memory!

I love the fresh smell during and after a good rain storm.
redamethyst said…
the picture with your kid is so cute.
happy weekend.
you can view my entry here
Hazel said…
Susanne, I kind of forgot that it also smells nice during, not just after

redamethyst, thanks
Hazel said…
Susanne, I kind of forgot that it also smells ncie during, not just after a good rain storm

redamethyst, thanks
Karyn said…
ONe of the best scents in the world - the freshness of just after a rain storm.

I love the photo of you and your little one - you look so happy and full of joy. He looks so like a boy who doesn't want his photo taken. :)
Willow said…
Oh my, CJ is growing up!! Love your little story of the lost princess and usurping prince! LOL!

Even though you had to work during one of the meals, they all sound marvelous! Esp. the cake.
Hazel said…
Karyn, yes, he projects the stance so well :)

Willow, food does make a lot of things sound better, including a few antics of a usurping prince, lol!
kimmyschemy06 said…
wow! really nice shot!
Chris said…
the shot came out nice! :) memorable shot... :)

glad you joined us again hazel..
Hazel said…
seth, thanks

Chris, i'm glad too that i joined, the photo supply cooperated :)

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