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This I give to you (pamana) and birthday week highlights

This is a 2-in-1 post today. I sort of incorporated the contents as they are related and fall into similar concepts for both memes which are equally significant to me. If you are dropping by from Mommy Moments, please scroll down. Thanks. Friday's Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story is right next -

It's probably a matter of orientation: I am used to uneventful birthdays. What I'm not used to is missing a few things. But I didn't and this week's faves are about what I'm thankful for the most:

1. Monday which was the day came and went peacefully. No issues at work, I ate what I wanted to eat, did a little shopping and I easily found the 'celebration' restaurant for tomorrow. I'm excited.

2. Greetings from good friends. I didn't expect anyone to call or email but they did and I appreciate that.

3. A promise in the sky, woot! See heaven's kiss on earth to boot.

4. Ticket to David Foster and Friends concert in October purchased with a 10% discount. My seat is not too close to the stage that I'd be having Peter Cetera's heels on my nostrils, and not too far that I'd be squinching for Natalie Cole's facial expression. I'm anticipating a lovely night with the Canadian Tenors, Ben Studdard and The Hitman himself.

5. Cj's progress. This has to be my best birthday present. While watching a second cousin fix my mother's dog's leash, he uttered, "oh, it's entangled." The other report is that he sang Into my heart and Bayang Magiliw (national anthem) by himself last night. He also minded his homework which involved reading. I like the reading part. Selective mutism now sounds a bit less daunting. Celebrating my birthday tomorrow will be yummier.


No, I'm not bequeathing my son a bookstore. Although the idea is wonderful and if I owned one he'd naturally inherit it when I'm gone. As I am no rich Mama, Cj will just have to settle on books that I am accumulating. One goal is to instill in him a love for reading.

Not very long ago, my ex went pensive on me, "If I die suddenly there's --- for Cj from my ---. The lawyers will sort it out." I thought of the divorce mess that Cj is caught in and quietly realized, "no hon, you go pray to your Buddha while I drop on my knees to my own God and hope that our kid develops faith in a power that will help him rise above this adversity we caused him."

A long shot, I know. But despite the setback I'm banking on the value of non-material things for Cj to live a happy life he deserves.

See what Moms are passing on to their kids at The Mommy Journey.


Anonymous said…
Pffft...your being way to hard on yourself my friend. Kids are resilient and adapt very easily. My parents divorced when I was a young kid and it hasn't bothered me in the least. There again, the sperm donor is no where to be found. Good riddance to pathetic rubbish LOL And I know also that the value of non-material things you give to CJ is well on the way :) Have a great weekend :)
Hazel said…
Sure sure, you make me feel better, Thom :D A great weekend to you too!
Anonymous said…
My parents were divorced when I was 15, and though there were rough spots along the way, God does give grace and I survived. I am sure with your love and God's help, CJ will survive, thrive, and overcome as well.

A belated happy birthday to you! I am glad for the little extras that made it special, especially #3 and 5!
Jewel said…
Teaching Cj to read and reading with him are worth more than any book or bookstore that you could ever give him! Glad you had a good week!
Hazel said…
Barbarah, thanks. nos. 3 and 5 did make the day special.

Jewel, yes, it's priceless.
Carrie said…
Hey, we share a birthday week! =D Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Birthday greetings are indeed special gifts. This past year I was on Facebook and received so many more greetings than usual.

Love your rainbow picture. Maybe it's a pre-birthday present to you. ;)

I sure wouldn't mind owning a bookstore. Although, I'm sure I'd be a useless worker as the temptation to read would be overwhelming and not too much selling or other work would get done.

Please accept my birthday wishes too.
Hazel said…
Carrie, isn't that nice?! :D

fruitfulwords, the friends who greeted me were from facebook too:) Thank you for the birthday wishes.
Jerralea said…
Happy belated birthday! This must be the birthday season for the FFF gang - Karyn's was last week, Melli and you this week ... I'm probably leaving someone else off the list ...

Anyway, what a special gift the Lord gave you - seeing progress in your son - and also a pretty rainbow to celebrate!

I think you are doing a great thing - instilling a love of reading in your son. I tried my best to do the same with my girls and I have been told many times at their school that they are such good students because of their reading abilities. Keep up the good work!
Hazel said…
Jerralea, this week does sound like it :) Thanks for sharing your experience with you daughters. I'll remember that.
Susanne said…
God has much grace to give and you are instilling good things into CJ! Keep it up, you're doing great with him Hazel!

Happy birthday to you! How special that friends email and called! And what a beautiful gift of a rainbow!
Happy birthday! Those tickets sounds wonderful.

And your son is so cute. I love that you're instilling a love of reading. So important.

Have a great weekend.
Tetcha said…
I'm sure CJ will grow up to be a fine young man because you're there for him, loving him and supporting him all the way. A divorce is something we don't want to happen, but it does, and when it does, we make everything in our power to shield our kids from all the hurts that the parents' separation has caused; I think that's what you're doing for your son, and that makes you a great mom. And you're leaving him something worthwhile and productive, too: your love for reading/books.
Brenda said…
Birthdays are a wonderful time to get caught up with friends and to spoil ourselves a little. Sounds like you were able to do a little of that!

Love the picture of the rainbow, so beautiful.
Clarissa said…
I believe CJ will grow up more mature and responsible coz he sees you care for him even without a father--you brought him well on your own.
Clarissa said…
And oh,Happy Birthday,Mommy Hazel!Best wishes po!
Hazel said…
Susanne, thanks and I hope I continue to do so

Laura, thanks; looking forward to the concert :)

Tetcha, thank you for your thoughts. I could only try and try harder

Brenda, I love being spoiled a litte, just a little :)

Clarissa, thank you!
Mel_Cole said…
Hello there, my first time to visit here. That's nice to hear that you're going to pass the goodness of your faith to your son. Mom's knows the best! hhehe, since I read from Clarissa's comment that its your bday, I wish you a Happy birthday po.

Have a good weekend!

My Mommy Moments post here
kimmyschemy06 said…
you know what, same goes here.. that's what i like to impart to my children, the 'love for reading' that way, they will not only learn but they will also appreciate the beauty of learning..
Hazel said…
Thank you Mel, and that's right Moms know best - 99.99% of the time. I'm trying not to be biased :)

Kim, right on!
Chris said…
i am sure that CJ would grow up well because you are there to guide him and love him... and of course, God is there. thanks for joining us this week!
Hazel said…
Christ, thanks for your good thoughts

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