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Here all along

So far I haven't come across any distinct identification of a target audience for this song, but with the way the lyrics go it sounds appropriate for the backslidden. Ok, I haven't been to church in awhile but I don't think I'm gonna say I'm coming back because I've never been away, just lagging behind church attendance. The world to me hasn't gone upside down. Anyway, the graphics are scenic, and the message lovely.


Debbie Petras said…
It's interesting because Jesus is always there. We're the ones who can tend to wander. Great message and song. Happy TSMSS!

Hazel said…
Hi Debbie, I wander all the time *sheepish* I need my compass sorted.
Anonymous said…
Nice message and song :) Much aloha :)
MsRay said…
Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful message in song. I have undergone a lot of trials since coming to the U.S. Life is not easy being away from home but am glad I have a loving Father who is just a prayer away.
Karen said…
Great message...I have never heard this song before...thanks for sharing!
pinkyshelo said…
This song will remind us that there is no other rest that Jesus alone.. He is the Only One who could give us the real satisfaction and it's not the glory of the world..
Peggy said…
Blessings Hazel...Going back to Jesus has a wonderful message...and this was so beautifully sung and done! HE IS always there so it just takes us turning our hearts towards Him & making Him as important as HE made us when He gave His need a good church that makes you want to be there and keep coming back...I pray that you find it soon & feel that welcome home of His loving arms! I'm sure you are not backslidden just slowing fading and you need His fire...hope you enJOY TSMSS & the songs feed your spirit!
Debbie said…
I think at one time or another we all tend to "wander" comforting to know He doesn't and His always there the same yesterday, today and always...Blessings to you, Debbie
Cathy said…
That's a very pretty song, Hazel. I like those Heritage singers.
Great song. Thanks for sharing, and glad you're heading back!
Lisa notes... said…
"Going back to Jesus" - always the direction to head. Thanks for sharing!

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